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Dust Off Those Old Deleted Characters Before They Poof for Good This Time!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 14, 2023, 15:00:00
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Ever felt like you've lived a thousand lives in the World of Twelve? We sure have! Remember when you ditched a character like an old, mismatched sock, only to realize later that the new flashy one wasn't a good fit? And so you ended up getting a different one? Ah, the nostalgia! 

A Trip Down Memory Lane & A Nudge Toward the Future 

In a tucked-away corner of our servers, we've held onto those characters you once left behind. It's been hard for us to part with them, not just out of nostalgia but because we always hoped you might want to reunite with them someday. However, with the thrilling transition to UNITY on the horizon, it's time for some spring cleaning (or, should we say, autumn cleaning?). We're gearing up for a brighter, faster, and more dynamic future, and to make that leap, we need to lighten our load.

As part of our continuous efforts to enhance the gaming experience and in preparation for our transition to UNITY, we've identified an area of improvement in our server management. Currently, 30% of our server memory is dedicated to "deleted character" data from 2011 onwards. As we pave the way for UNITY and its associated technical requirements – such as executing real-time server backups or adding new information to our current data – optimizing our storage is essential.

After an in-depth review over the past three months (and some reminiscing), we found that 93% of character restorations pertained to characters deleted within the last three years. Based on this, we've decided that on Tuesday, October 17, we will erase archives of deleted characters from 2011 to 2020, in preparation for our first database optimization, scheduled for October 24.

Here's to new adventures, fond memories, and the exciting journey ahead with UNITY! 

If a wave of nostalgia hits or if you're yearning for a blast from the past, we've got your back. Until October 17 at 11:59 p.m. CEST, the character restoration potion comes with a 20% discount. No strings attached, just a gentle nudge to help you and your old companion reunite for another round of adventures.

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I like reading about that kind of stuff
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how does the current unity new affect your work flow?
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"20% discount" how generous.
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