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Everything You Need to Know About Osatopia 2

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 21, 2023, 16:00:00
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"Osatopia". This word is making a splash in the World of Twelve… and although we're celebrating the arrival of its second edition, some newcomers don't know anything about it but want to get involved (and others simply dare not take the plunge). So guess what? You can find all the answers here!

We'll start from the beginning for all the newcomers!

And for everyone else, go straight to the sections that interest you.

Temporis: Parallel Adventures

Much more than mere temporary servers, Temporis is a unique experience in the world of DOFUS. Ankama regularly lets you into this great playground, after changing its rules, theme, and scenery. Each time it reopens, you discover a new way to play your favorite game! Each edition of Temporis features loads of fresh content, new rules, and challenges.

Key Features of Temporis 

  • Limited Time: Unlike classic servers, Temporis servers have a limited lifespan. Once the two months are up, the servers close, and you return to the classic servers with rewards that reflect your progress.
  • New Rules: Each edition of Temporis introduces specific mechanics and rules that profoundly alter gameplay. This can range from how you progress to how you interact with the world and other players. 
  • Challenges and Rewards: You'll face a whole host of challenges, with Temporis-specific quests, events, and objectives. If you complete them, you can earn rewards you won't find anywhere else. 
  • Committed Community: The temporary nature of Temporis creates a unique community dynamic. You help each other, form alliances, and make progress for glory and rewards, in the knowledge that time is running out. 
  • Rediscovery: Temporis lets you see DOFUS in a new light – you'll stumble across surprises in familiar areas, develop new strategies to take on challenges you thought you knew like the back of your hand, try out new spells, and so on.

In short, Temporis is an invitation to experience DOFUS in a different way and constantly renew the adventure with the same ingredients. Each edition has its own identity, but it is always full of surprises and challenges. 

Osatopia: Osamodas's Utopia 

Osatopia is the culmination of Osamodas's dream; he is the god of all fauna. In this alternate dimension, the World of Twelve is flooded with creatures called "modsters". These beings – sometimes feared, sometimes revered – are at the heart of the Osatopian discipline of beastology.  

When you arrive, you'll be greeted by an NPC who will ask you to choose from one of the four modsters (summons) available at the beginning of the adventure to help you in fights:

You can create a team with your friends and progress through the game. As you explore, you'll meet some monsters who will never run out of steam. Only when you go up against these creatures in combat will they reveal their true form. Equipped with a croquette, you can try to capture them at the end of the fight and then add them to your collection or sell them on. 

Modsters: Your Combat Sidekicks 

Modsters are mystical creatures living in the world of Osatopia. You'll find them in the wild, in a spectral form that hides their true nature. These creatures can then be used in combat, sold, and even traded. To capture them, you need to use special bait, croquettes. There are several types, each offering a different drop rate:

  • Mysterious: +10% drop rate 
  • Enchanting: +20% drop rate 
  • Captivating: +30% drop rate 
  • Prestigious: +40% drop rate 
  • Extraordinary: +50% drop rate 
  • Kroma: Your odds of taming modsters increase by 50% for one fight.
    The modster turns into a Kroma.

Each modster has three distinct spells. 

To power up your modsters, the equipment worn by your character will be transferred to them: AP, MP, Range, and stats. Only resistances won't be equivalent in order to prevent overuse. 

Modster Rarity 

Modsters have four levels of rarity:

  • Common 
  • Rare 
  • Epic 
  • Legendary 

A modster's drop rate doesn't differ based on rarity level; however, the chance of encountering a rare modster or better is lower than for a common modster. 


This profession will let you megamodster some of your modsters. By megamodstering, they'll gain a new form and new spells. This profession is important because it's the only way to megamodster them. But don't worry – it will be an easy one to level up. 

It is also used to create croquettes that will help you capture modsters. 


Each class is different. "Classic" class mechanics disappear in Osatopia and are replaced by new, very simple ones that are acquired right at level 1.

Characters will not gain new class spells as they level up. However, class spells learned at level 1 can evolve to higher ranks. The rest of the spells are summoning spells. 


To regulate how long fights last:

  • up to four players per fight
  • up to six modsters belonging to players 
  • up to two modsters per player on the field at the same time

If all the modsters are KO'd, the fight is lost. 

And if the main character dies, the fight is lost (even if the modsters are still alive).

Features of Osatopia

  • Spells and Abilities: Depending on the class you choose, you'll have one passive and several active spells. 
  • Progress: A series of objectives is available, enabling you to earn tempokens to unlock rewards on the classic servers and an experience potion. 
  • Unique Classes: Classes in Osatopia are quite different than those in classic DOFUS 2. 
  • Ephemeral Dimension: The Temporis Hub area is back. 
  • It lets characters teleport across the World of Twelve. 
  • An NPC trading osatokens for daily bonuses can also be found. 
  • The map for practicing beastology is there as well. 
  • Other useful maps can be found there, too! 
  • Smithmagic: Free boosts are available for generating Smithmagic runes. 
  • Modsters: 150 creatures to capture and use in combat. 
  • Daily Bonuses: You'll enjoy a range of free benefits throughout your adventure. 
  • Dofus: These precious items can be acquired as drops and traded for badges to acquire modsters. 
  • Groups: Teams of players are limited to four members. 

Osatopia 2: New Modsters and Champions

Osamodas's dream intensifies when Spiritia, the divine dragon, enters the scene. Together, they redefine Osatopia, introducing "Kromas", modsters of many different colors. A friendly rivalry emerges between the god and the dragon, each seeking to impress the other with their own creativity. This dynamic adds extra depth to the adventure, with new all-new challenges and rewards. 


  • Out of the 150 modsters in this "generation", around a hundred are completely new. 
  • Modsters now have a small chance of spawning in their rare form, Kromas. These are unique modsters with different colors than basic modsters. They are no more powerful than the original ones. 
  • Each group of areas will have its own unique creature. The highest-level areas will still spawn more Kromas. 
  • Modsters can now only be controlled if you are at the right level. Many adjustments have been made in tandem to curb misuse. For example, rarity no longer has an impact on characteristics bonuses, and spell ranks have been introduced. 

Capturing and Spawning: Information

  • They spawn randomly and are hidden in a group of monsters in the world. 
  • A pool of modsters is distributed by level bracket. 
  • They spawn randomly in combat depending on the level bracket and the odds of spawning. 
  • You capture them if you win the fight. 
  • The drop rate for the modster scroll depends on which alteration is equipped. 

Equipping Croquettes

The croquette system has been improved to make it more enjoyable. They can be equipped in batches, through an inventory slot. 


In general, classes work the same way as in the first edition of Osatopia. We've balanced all the classes and added, removed, or improved some spells while preserving each class's identity. 

What's new compared to Osatopia 1 is the introduction of class-exclusive ultimate spells (usable only once per fight) that can be unlocked. 


Although they were really popular in the last edition, Cras still had a few issues. They lacked debuffs linked to their creativity, and Time-Delay Arrow was prone to becoming a penalty. 

The Cra kit therefore has increased power for their positioning spells and offers debuff spells linked to their archer creativity.


The Ecaflip class worked well, but it lacked debuffs linked to its creativity. It had bonuses for critical hits, but none for critical damage. Also, Jammygit could prove to be frustratingly random. 

Ecaflips will be able to better modulate their randomness to avoid frustration and carry their critical hit orientation through to the end. They are also gaining debuffs linked to their creativity. 


Eliotropes were one of the most popular classes, if only because of their portals, despite their rather limited kit. 

This year, Eliotropes are using their portals in a new way, as they now have a limited duration and no damage bonus when spells go through them. Despite this, to offer significantly different gameplay, there are new bonuses linked to Eliotropes' portals and modsters. Eliotropes are also gaining greater positioning with their spells to make up for this. 


The Eniripsa class is always on hand when it comes to healing themselves or their teams. However, the class lacked debuffs and versatility. 

The Eniripsa kit is changing, as it is gaining positioning and debuffs. Its identity has also been strengthened, as it is the only class that heals based on the player's best element. 


The class didn't really work that well. Its mechanics could be a hindrance and provided few bonuses. The class also lacked debuffs and versatility with its spells. 

This year, the Enutrof kit has been strengthened to give them many more benefits. For example, they can keep their MP during their turn and use a greater number of debuff spells to diversify their gameplay. 


Fecas were reliable and effective in Osatopia 1. However, we found that their gameplay could be simplified. 

Very few changes have been made to Fecas this year, but we have added quality of life and versatility to their spells, enabling us to modulate their gameplay further. 


Huppermages worked pretty well, but we noticed a few issues with their spells' modularity. 

Therefore, Huppermages' modularity is being increased through their elemental cycles, and we've strengthened their creativity by adding their elemental runes as well. 


The Iop class hit hard. The Iop class always hits hard. 


The Ouginak class worked properly, but we noticed a fair amount of frustration with its gameplay, especially with Prey. 

Its modularity is being improved by the fact that it can now transfer its Prey levels to other enemies without the need to increase Prey. 

Its identity is also being strengthened with the addition of debuffs linked to its creativity. 


The class really worked, especially due to bypassing the modster limit of its Spiritual Leash. What's more, the class had very powerful boosts that made it really strong compared to the others. 

What we've changed: 

  • The Osamodas class can still summon a dead ally again, but the ally will be constrained by the modster limit. 
  • Its identity is being strengthened – it will be the only class to have bonuses for summoning modsters, as well as higher stat transfers with modsters through its buff spells. 
  • The class is also gaining debuffs linked to its creativity. 


The class was relatively balanced, but it clearly lacked quality of life to enhance its gameplay. 

This year, we've tweaked Pandawa spells to give them better quality of life and more versatile gameplay. 

  • The Karcham and Chamrak spells have merged, and their additional effects have been added to the class passive. 
  • You can now manage Pandawa modsters' Drunk and Sober states more easily. 


The class and its creativity worked really well, but Rogues lacked possibilities with their modster Bomb combos. This has been fixed.

Rogues' positioning is being improved, and the balancing of combo values has been adjusted to offer something more advantageous for big combos (and less advantageous for little ones). 


Overall, the class worked well. 

The class's identity and creativity have been strengthened by offering more mechanics around managing vitality and returning to the old Punishment system. 


The class worked well, but Sadida dolls' creativity could have been strengthened. 

Alright then! We're strengthening the class's identity by allowing Sadida modsters to turn into dolls for greater freedom of use. 


The Sram class didn't work very well because its kit was less versatile and less advantageous than that of other classes. 

Now that it's been overhauled, Srams have more gameplay opportunities, being able to make their modsters (or themselves) invisible to strengthen their creativity and identity. 


The class worked really well. 

So, not many changes are needed, apart from balancing values and casting conditions. 


It was risky to try to make AP reduction viable in PvM, but the outcome was quite a success overall. However, a few positioning issues did arise. 

So, this time, Xelors have far more positioning options, with all kinds of teleportation. 


The class didn't work very well, especially because of its lack of identity compared to other classes. 

We've strengthened the Masqueraider identity with all-new masks and a more focused orientation to enhance its creativity. 


The Forgelances are entering Temporis all hammers swinging, with a strong identity linked to area-of-effect damage and positioning. 

Arenas: Where Champions Clash 

Get ready for a divine competition! Set off on an adventure, train your modsters, and travel around the cities of the World of Twelve to clash with Spiritia's champions in their arenas. Collect the scales the divine dragon gave them, and try to vanquish the Master of Beasts' chosen ones! 


  • The best reward in Osatopia 2 revolves around the principle of an evolving gift that starts with a pet and ends with a petsmount, with chameleon alternatives. 
  • The Roarped – the fastest petsmount in the game – is back! And when you choose your modster, it will be available in its basket. 
  • 1 emote 
  • The XP potion will be available from an NPC during the Temporis adventure (you'll no longer have to wait a few weeks after the server closes). 
  • Title 
  • Costume 
  • Set 

Community Objectives 

The more pre-registered players there are, the more rewards you'll earn when Osatopia 2 launches! It's a good reason to get your friends to join the adventure along with you.

  • 10,000 players – Double Challenges: An extra challenge will be generated against all monsters over the first weekend of Osatopia 2. 
  • 20,000 players – XP Bonus: On the Saturday of the first weekend of Osatopia 2, experience gained by fighting all monsters will be increased by 50%. 
  • 40,000 players – Drop Bonus: On the Sunday of the first weekend of Osatopia 2, the chances of obtaining loot from all monsters will be increased by 50%. 
  • 65,000 players – Croquettes Galore: Every player will receive five extraordinary croquettes to guarantee their chances of taming modsters. 
  • 100,000 players – Global Pre-Sentience for All: All players' mounts and petsmounts will be globally pre-sentient. 

Overview of Dates 

  • Pre-registration opens: September 5, 2023 
  • Pre-registration closes: September 24, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. (Paris time) 
  • Server opens: September 26, 2023 
  • Server closes: November 21, 2023 

Temporis livestreams will be taking place to guide you at the beginning of the adventure (but not every week).

First Ankama intervention

Replying to Angelsnow

It's not exactly like the B'Wilda or Fleaster one, but I'm sure you'll find it's even cuter wink
See message in context
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The 4 Modster rings shown in the picture above, will they be cosmetic rings that give a trail? Like the B'Wilda and Fleaster ones.
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It's not exactly like the B'Wilda or Fleaster one, but I'm sure you'll find it's even cuter wink
Score : 320
Any clue as to when can we expect subscription packs? I'm sooo excited and craving any news regarding this Tempo!

Also for everyone, who doesn't check Twitter, you can check the starters' spells there (2 of 4 atm, but I'm pretty sure we'll have all of them soon!).
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You can find all the info on the Temporis packs for this edition here!
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Hi. Can you tell if the Modster freedom spell will be available like last time(lets ai take control of your modsters) and if so how many tokens? Also if it is still a spell you have to use in every fight or you can always have it active by selecting it as a variant.
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This spell will be available once again and function the same as last time.

I hope this answers your question!
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Do I need to be premium to play Temporis?
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Only players with subscriptions can access the Temporis servers!
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Can I multi-account on this?
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No, Single Account Server rules have always applied to Temporis.
But you can have more than one character, just only actively play one character at a time instead of controlling multiple.

Ankama mention this in the Osatopia 2 FAQ's here
and also on their Support page here

Some players, when they reach the "end goal" of Temporis but there is still some time left will make a new character and play that.
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I have 2 accounts after i reached level 200 xp potion can i go and play with my other account as well
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Yes you can. 
You just cant multi-account (playing/controlling more than one account's characters at the same time)
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Is there a Schedule for the Livestreams? will there be one today ?
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At what time the server will be open to play?
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