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to make 30kk

By aidenmbd June 29, 2007, 13:25:23

i dont know if this belongs in general discussion, but i need to make 30kkand i dont know how!! im an alchemist but im lvl 10 only so i dont know how to make the money. btw im a lvl 18 eni.

p.s im trying to buy a gob headgear

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put all your time on your alchimist job : gather resources and create small heling potion (just buy the water in a pub) and sell at the alchimist sellroom (check the current price when you sell them).
You'll become more efficient and you'll earn some money easily wink

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This topic does not belong to any category. There dozens of topics like: "how to make easy money" "fast kamas please"...

These topics are useless as there are many ways to make money.

Maybe you should post again in the job section and ask which is the best way to level alchemist profession and how to make money with this profession.

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