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Dofus Set Creator v1.1

By Hokate - SUBSCRIBER - March 13, 2008, 14:39:04

People who are registered on Impsvillage already know about it, but I'm sure that lot of users of this forums don't visit Impsvillage, so I wanted you to know that:

I've finished final version of Dofus Set Creator v1.1

(I haven't posted about DSC here before, because it was in beta version for long time)

Dofus Set Creator is browser-based tool, which allows you to create character, enter his/her base stats, find all parts of equipment (using powerful items finder), equip set you created this way and calculate:

  • all statistics of your character (with bonuses from items, sets, alignment and level) - it calculates everything, like total initative, hp, bonus to damage and so on
  • damage you can do with your weapon (you can also "mage" weapon and change neutral damage to other type of dmg)
  • damage you can do with all spells (class spells for your character and global spells, such as leek pie or moon hammer)

Of course you may create more than one set and one character. All your characters and sets are stored within your account (that is why registering DSC account is required - don't worry, it is fast and free).

Just use and enjoy! smile

You can find Dofus Set Creator here:

NOTE: It doesn't work with Internet Explorer!
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Looks good, but after searching for my weapon to start off making my set up the progress bar just remains present and the mouse pointer remains as a Timer/Stopwatch in the latest version of Safari in Leopard.

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RikkiL :
Looks good, but after searching for my weapon to start off making my set up the progress bar just remains present and the mouse pointer remains as a Timer/Stopwatch in the latest version of Safari in Leopard.

Oh, thats not good sad
I don't have a Mac to test it with Safari, but as far as I know some people were using DSC with Safari and nobody reported such as error. I'm pretty sure that works in Firefox and Opera, can't tell you anything about other browsers... I'll try to find somebody with Mac to test and fix this bug.

Also, could you specify more details? Everything else works well or you have experienced this problem with other activities (like creating / editing character, looking for other items etc.)?

Edit: BTW, have you tried reloading page and relogging? It is possible that something went wrong with connection on server side and it hasn't sent you a response, reloading could fix that.
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Creating a new character was fine, though the Ok and Cancel buttons never disppeared when I tabbed or pressed enter in a field.
I tried relogging and reloading as you suggested, same problem. The only thing I could do was scroll the page, everything else on the page was 'locked'.

No, I didn't try any other features, if I can't give my guys gear, why would I try and continue?

I typed 'Sick Axe', the search was performed and the result was shown in the table at the bottom of the page, but like I say I was locked from pressing anything on the page, even menus, links etc...

Good luck, I hope you find the source of the problem.

Safari: 3.0.4
Hardware: iBook G4 with PowerPC Processor
OS: Leopard 10.5.2

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Situation you have described just happened to me - in Firefox on Windows. Looks like it happens when server is too crowded and can't process requests fast enough. Anyway, it has been confirmed (by few people), that DSC v1.1 works properly in Safari 3.0.4 on Mac OS 10.5.2 (well, it works slower than in Firefox, freezes for few seconds while processing some actions, but besides that everything is ok).

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Try make to the calculator in flash then you shouldn't have any browser incompatibles.

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Visited the site and used the top link i noticed that some of the information is incorrect. you may need to redo the info
one thing i saw that i remember is that royal gobboots dont give +2dmg. they infact give +1~8dmg

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Nine-Blade-Samurai, why should I? It works well in all modern browsers. Version 1.2 will work in Internet Explorer too.

MorbidAngelus, huh? Of course information in version 1.0.1 is incorrect. Haven't you noticed that: "Dofus Set Creator v1.1 has been released! Please note that version 1.0.1 is not supported anymore. Items database in this version is out-of-date and doesn't match actual items in Dofus. Using v1.1 is strongly recommended!"? It is first thing to be displayed after you go to v1.0.1. I keep this version only for historical reasons.
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it not wil work!!!!!
but why?

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This is over 2 years old. The creator has probably took it down.

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In fact, this topic is four years old. If there is a newer version of the Dofus Set Creator out there, it's not in this topic.