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Changing account name and birthday

By eulithe June 05, 2008, 05:40:47

Hi I need help changing my account name, not username, but my actual personal name and my birthday.

This is the reason:
I was registering with some friends. then i had to leave for a little bit. while I was gone they changed the name I would register under, and my birthday, to something really fake. I hadn't noticed until recently and by now I've already done some hard core work on my characters.

Can an admin please change my name and birthday, or can someone tell me how to contact one, I searched for an email, but couldn't find one. Thx

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The forums is never the place you go for account help, unless you're just asking a general question. If you're having problem with your account then you can send a ticket to Support. I'm not sure if they can change your account name for you, but it never hurts to ask. You'll probably need proof of ownership of the account.

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thank you, however before posting this I did try to send a ticket. and I was unsure what category to put my problem under. maybe there should be a bit more description under the ticket topics?

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