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people swearing and then not geting banned

By June 07, 2008, 09:37:01

its horrable

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i know im banned as well its really anoying it makes me so angry the scum bages that swear

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im banned as well lot of my friends are banned my there parents. i loved dofus i thought it was the best game but idiots that swear should not be allowed on dofus and its not just swearing its the horrable words that even adults dont use its disscusting now i play on club penguin

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If you dont like the swearing, then turn on the Insult Filter. You can also put a person on ignore if you don't like what they are saying. If they are swearing at you, personally, then you can always report them. People dont always just get banned instantly for doing wrong.

Swearing in general is not against the game rules because this isn't a "kid" game. The NPCs in the game swear.

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BrownCoat, i agree to what you said. Swearing isnt good, but really it isnt a game for 6+ olders.There are many people with over 20 years who play it(luckily im not in that group) so you can expect them not to swear if they are, lets say selling cawwot dofus with 40 wisdom, then a noob offers 7kk and boon hat, you say no and he keeps spamming pls pls i need it so much.... i swear only if a person is really retarded, unfortunately there are too many people who are rather stupid or have mental problems.

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thats why there is a filter if you turn the filter off that means you dont care if someone swars if its on you dont get any you get ^@)[email protected]#*&!^@*#& or what ever

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Well looky here! I didnt even know we had the option to pick ether one. I must have had it off the whole time since I started playing this gam haha.

Ether way swear or no swear why should anyone care aslong as its towards them right? Even towards somebody you can easily turn off the chat. =)

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yeah, its horrible because everybody gets pissed once, stop being so uptight little kid

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I could be wrong, but I think that if the insulting word is not directed at a person/s in any way, then it's mildly acceptable. There's a language filter in the settings tab. You can turn it on or off. When it's on insulting words come up as &%*$ or something rather. A lot of mature aged people play Dofus and I think that's why the filter is there.

  • Sophidian
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And to top it all of..

The place or object of Dofus has some (intentional? Maybe) adult humour going on. You just have to find it =)

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