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Wabbit / Tofu token?

By pinkpimp July 06, 2008, 15:22:06
I am planning to buy P2P and when i checked it out i saw i would get an tofu / wabbit token.. but what are these? ohmy and what do they do? can someone explain me please? ohmy
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lol thats easy when u go to the home page u will see on the right some screen shots and somewhere in their is a little pic of dofus lottery click it and you use the coins for dofus lottery
Score : 67 go here and play the lottery dude....
u will win somethin...
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When I go to that page the "Panda" window doesn't come up and gives me an error message - "error undefined". It starts to work (which is why I know it begins with a panda) and then the error message comes up. This occurs on the both the American and British pages, but not on the French (I didn't check any of the others). Anyone else having this problem?
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im having the same problem....i cant figure out what to do....
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Working for me now.
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