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tutorial question about the scarecrow!

By tinyWhisper - SUBSCRIBER - May 21, 2009, 23:37:20

well, i can beat him - just kidding! tongue

my real question may be as stupid to everyone else, and it's about gaining experience points at ingrams (the birdman tutor). i read somewhere that it's possible to go to level 5 with his help, but i'm no way near that. in fact, all i get are 25 xp... i have taken the scarecrow down with fists, the summonde tofu and icy claws about 20 times, but 25 is all i get. am i doing something wrong?

i go as osamoda and i find it very hard to accomplish some of the tasks - to beat the scarecrow in one round, for one.

any help or tip's most appreciated!

btw - this seems to be a terriffic game and the graphics are really good! hope i'll like it here! smile

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I think whatever you read was out of date =) No use in staying trying to beat him up over and over, just keep going through =)

Better to get out "in the world" and beat up on other things =)

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leave the scarecrow. go do some of the other easy quests. the two guys at the steps have nice easy ones. the guy just above the pastor (you'll know him) after you deliver the pancake recipe, see the pastor again for another easy quest.. over at the militia, the enu has 2 quests for you that are major easy. and 1 up from there is an artist who wants some black gobbly leather. simple.
don't fight larva until you have an attack spell at level 4. they reflect damage from lesser spells and kill you. getting to level 5 is major easy.

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thank you both for your replies!
yeah, i left the scarecrow and i'm having lots of more fun now smile

and thanks for the extra tip on larva - seems useful!

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