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[News] Rushu and Djaul to Migrate to DOFUS 2.0 on April 6, 2010

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - March 30, 2010, 11:39:47
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What are you even talking about? Games are all about challenge. Without a challenge, a game is nothing else than a grind and/or a fancy version of MSN messenger.

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im okay with the way it is at the mo but i think that multi clienting has just become the norm in dofus most people i know have at least two accounts . i mean i only made my couple because i needed certain characters to help me do runs . but the main issue here is i think that most of the people who complain with the issues with 2.0 multi clienting are people who seem to have 6+ accounts . as izmar says the main issue is to get people with minimum specs to run one account with no problems so people with above minimum specs should be able to run more. but as always with updates it gonna take a while to sort it all out i think that it will get back to normal . biggrin

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im happy that izmar paying great attention on the topics i would like to make some suggestions im glad we getting new content i have very high expectations on it cause since serveral years we getting new things well i actually think maybe we need a high control maybe mods are from same country an that cause is hard to find a mod maybe u can work on it second thing is i am a multi acct actually i have noticed perfomance is a lil better but i think can go more better in any cases u have to work on it and the most important thing dofus is becoming a pvp game and i dont think all of the ppl who started this was thinking on pvp to play, things are easiers for lvls for PVP changes on spells are for PVP improvements are for PVP and we getting new content new challenges in serveral years cause they making dofus a PVP game i think many ppl like dofus cause was a rpg so a rpg means doing dungeons and quests and being online mean we can go with friends maybe yes pvp is nice but is not the central idea of this so why focusing on that so much?? i like 2.0 but i hope the new improvements we will have could be for the rpg thing and not the pvp cause thats why ppl getting bored and got some problems and leave dofus cause as i know dofus is a MMORPG not a MMOPVPG

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I'm a little late to notice this thread, but I wanted to say that honestly, I feel that what dofus was going for in creating more challenging dungeons was probably this:

  • Many things COULD be obtained easily, as said by a previous poster
  • The game needed more of a challenge
  • Games would get boring without an even harder challenge to obtain items that are very hard to get.
  • In a social-MMO game, most enjoyment is interacting with others - thus they created dungeons that need others.

I personally have no problem doing any dungeon I want with my guild (only a FEW handful have ever multi-accounted and I never have other than to hold a second guild-house for our guild). Our guild is also lucky enough to have great big brother and sister guilds like Blank and Thanatos who have always lent us help when our meagre 80 members haven't been enough. In turn, we've been called on to help these guilds with things like Kralove. Our guild's main emphasis has always been on community and helping each other, and thus, we've been able to get what we need just fine without killing ourselves on a million accounts.

So I just had to say that it is not impossible to obtain things without multi-accounting. It is a challenge. And I think if it wasn't, that the game gets boring without people being able to get things that are rare or hard to obtain due to incredible feats needed to get them. However many people don't have time to build communities and find such lucky friendships or wait for parties, and multilog.

As I've said, Invictus is wholly supportive of Blank, and closer to them than any other guild. We definately don't mind that most all of them have a stupid amount of accounts each. I love all of their accounts to death. <333 But seeing from both sides of the spectrum, I just can't agree that the developers forced anyone into doing it as their intention, no matter how many other things I'd like to wring Ankama's neck for.
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alwayshigh|2010-04-02 16:37:00
female pandas are not the only ones who got screwed over in 2.0, every class, every set, every spell, every pet, every city, every npc, the whole game got secrewed in 2.0 and if you dont trust me then well...
the graphics are made for 5 year olds and everyone i know who plays the game is over 10

Super Bump but you can all deal with it. I was playing the game before it was even open to the public via my handy dandy Closed Beta Key. I think I know what the game looks like and I'm in complete disagreement with your statement about the games graphics being made for 5 year olds. I'm 22 and I find the graphics quite pleasing and a massive improvement in every way (except my bandages) over 1.x
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Izmar|2010-04-15 21:17:00
LordBaloc, not to discredit your experience, but I believe I can say with good assurance that these changes you describe as forcing players to multi-account were intended to increase the demand for all classes in dungeon runs. According to the developers, their intent was to create a greater role in high-level content for classes like Pandawas, or Osamodas, so that all the spaces in high-level dungeon runs would not automatically go to Eniripsas or Iops (for example).

Game features like the Kralov door were intended to draw the server communities closer together by giving them goals that a large number of players could participate in.

It could be argued that it was not a successful attempt to balance the game, because players were able to get around these changes by multi-accounting, but multi-accounting was not the intended solution.

I do regret it if you feel that is insulting to you, but no insult was intended.

I've said this before, but repetita juvant. The Ankama position on multi-accounting is neutral and laisse-faire. If you feel that you were forced to multi-account by some feature in the game, I do apologize for the frustration you must have felt, but I can promise you that was not the intent of the creators. I do understand your rational for saying what you have said and I can see how you arrived at your premise, but I cannot agree.

I hope that we can still be friends, though. =)

Multilogging was always frowned upon by ankama but never officially mentioned that it would be stopped. This is basically what your attempting to do now. It would be feasable to do what you mentioned and rely on your servers community, but things you might need to know being people who obviously dont play your game:

English Servers these days contain masses of foreigners who dont speak english.
Alot of peoples friends/guildies have since abandoned the game due to masses of nerfs to chars, bugs, no new actual content for years, poor support for english players, and also for the rebalancing of an MMORPG into a 1vs1 PVP battlezone.
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