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Frigost items.

By Skeena - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 30, 2010, 00:06:17

If you go in the sellroom and do a search and type say "bone" you can see new resources that will be on frigost, They have no recipes(yet) and some have a big red X as the image because it has no art yet I am guessing.

I try to press shift+click to show them in chat but when I press enter it does not show my chat(glitch).

There is Snowfouxes on frigost !!

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*CHEERS ON THAT* biggrin

well atleast it's a bit more of exitement smile
me as an alchemist lvl 100 that i am can grab a new type of flower but i don't reconnoize it tongue


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I did not try to search for those but I tried typing "wood" and "stone" I only seen one type of wood which I dont think is from frigost, and some stones that drop from there.

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Maho Snowfox Ear
Maho Snowfox Paw
Yokai Snowfox Wool
Yokai Snowfox Skull
Soryo Snowfox Wool
Soryo Snowfox Leather

Mastogobbly Ear
Mastogobbly Leather
Mastogob Clavicle
Mastogob Wool
Mastogob Warrior Eye
Mastogob Warrior Horn
Venerable Mastogob Tail
Venerable Mastogob Wool
Royal Mastogob Tail
Royal Mastogob Wool

Karrybean Pirate Tail
Karrybean Pirate Buoy

Pingwinkle Beak
Pingwinkle Feather
Pingwobble Skin
Pingwobble Wing
Mama Pingwin Down
Shaman Pingwin Beard Hair
Shaman Pingwin Giant Fishbown
Kung-Fu Pingwin Ear
Kung-Fu Pingwin Tail
Royal Pingwin Egg
Royal Pingwin Feather

Frosteez Seed
Ice Saw
Wooly Bow Meow Strenium
Wooly Bow Meow Hair
Still Water

The pingwin ones got pictures, too! I'm gonna search for more of them tomorrow or so.

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A big list was posted on Imps, acquired from a French website/forum/blog.

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