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[News] Contest Winners: Gobbowl World Cup

By #[Izmar] - ADMIN - July 05, 2010, 21:37:29
DevTracker Announcements

It's finally time! We're announcing the winners of the Gobbowl World Cup Contest! Our team of judges had their scorecards frozen by the blast of cold air from Frigost, so scoring the 100+ entries we received took a little longer than anticipated, but we're ready to unveil them now!

Without any further a due, let's get to the winners!

International Winners
First place: CaptainHonesty
Second place: Therisim (A former Guildy Pleasures contest winner, congratulations Therisim!)
Third place: SilverAmphithere

UK Winners
First place: Elusial
Second place: Morganzar
Third place: Malincia

Winners will be contacted by forum PM in their respective communities.

As I mentioned above, we had a huge number of amazing entries for this contest, and the difference between the winners and the finalists was very, very close. In honor of our top finalists, the judges will award a special signature for these writers to recognize their excellent stories.

International Finalists
PerfectCadence (a very close race with SilverAmphithere, if the judges could have given a fourth place, this would be it! Apparently the judges really really like painfully humiliating endings!)

UK Finalists

For those entries that were unique enough to stand out from the crowd, but didn't quite make the point cut-off, we offer these honorable mentions.

International Honorable Mentions
Unwilling Participant Award: Shushienae
Big Downer Ending Award: EnglandFootball
I Love It When A Plan Comes Together Award: Lockeht
Best Smack-Talk Award: capslok
The Fix is In Award: Dual Helix
Everything Is A Proper Noun Award: x-Ownage-x
Cruelty Against Gobballs Award: -srachi
Short n' Sweet Award: Oamoka
I Outsmarted An Iop (And All I Got Was This Stupid Award) Award: AnarchyAdvocate
"The Unbearable Tension of 'Bowling" Award: Priz
Casey at the 'Bowl Award: Aldaravanda
National Pride Award: situruck
It's a Trap Award: Menea
Fishiest Fish Tale Award: Zuek
Episode IV Award: CloudyMind
Quacking Up Award: leetard
"Who Was That Masked Man?" Award: Misery
"Special Guest Appearance By" Award: Xumete

UK Honorable Mentions
Walter Mitty Award: littlejoanna
Flip of the Coin, Roll of the Dice Award: Seleucius
My Fart Will Go On Award: Doctor-Who
Light Yagami Internal Monologue Award: Chocobo-Riders

Thank you again to everyone who entered this contest, you've given everyone at Ankama and everyone here on the forums a lot of enjoyment with your stories. If the fiction bug bites again, I hope you'll visit the Spitting Bwork Tavern and share another tale with us.

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Yay, congratulations to all the winners! biggrin (Ha, I was puzzled as to why Morganzar wasn't listed as one of the finalists)

Yay SilverAmphithere! biggrin

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Score : 4768

Congratulations to all who won and all of those mentioned. Truth be told, I didn't think I even had a shot.

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Score : 361

wow thanks! I'm humbled. There were so many great entries!

*its Therisim with 2 i's though*

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Score : 1136

Kinda bummed I didn't win. At least I was a finalist!

No offense to the first place winner, but... it wasn't really even a story. I'm puzzled as to why it won.


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Score : 1436

Thank you for the opportunity, it was fun, I hope we can see some more writing competitions to come. :3

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Score : 1172

Congrats, everyone.

I hope there's another contest like this sometime, it was fun. I'll be sure to include a painfully humiliating ending next time too. tongue

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Score : 7477


(Only...what is smack talk? Because if I have a talent for it, it might be a useful thing to develop :3)

And I thouhg the first place winners' story was a brilliant idea biggrin

Never mind. Its insults. YAY ME!

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Score : 1436

I just noticed the Honourable Mentions. Love the 'Everything Is A Proper Noun Award' and I sure as hell hope the 'KANNEDAAA/TETTSUOOO/GOOOOAL Award' is a reference to this anime, because that's hilarious.

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Score : 3951

Honorable mention is good enough for me. smile

Grats to the winners and a big job well done to all entrants.

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Score : 7477

I'm very proud of myself biggrin
One honourable mention is worth a thousand kamas ^^

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Score : 1575

gz to all biggrin

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Score : 330

haha congrats to the winners!! You deserve it! smile This was a fun contest! Im glad to of won the 'Big Downer' Award. LOL

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Score : 5028

Congrats everyone!

*waits for good quality close-up images of one of the winners playing a flute*

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Score : 7685
Elusial|2010-07-06 00:33:00
I just noticed the Honourable Mentions. Love the 'Everything Is A Proper Noun Award' and I sure as hell hope the 'KANNEDAAA/TETTSUOOO/GOOOOAL Award' is a reference to this anime, because that's hilarious.

I suspect it's a reference to this anime.
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Score : 8


How unsuspecting! I'm not even sure what to think... but I am FILLED with such giddiness that my smile just won't go away.

Okay first, congratulations are in order to both Therisim and SilverAmphithere, certainly some of the most talented wordsmiths in the World of Twelve, as well as to the winners in the UK! Not only that, but the finalists all had fought hard and well and they all deserve some recognition for what they've done.

In fact, all of you entrants are worthy of praise. I know personally that it takes a little bit of drive, a little bit of courage, and a little bit of imagination to even bring oneself to craft a story (especially if it is to be judged!) and every single one of you that has decided to take that step should hold their head up high.

Thanks to the ones who supported me (capslok, Demodude, -srachi, and everybody else who I might be forgetting!) I truly appreciate it. Thank you to the ones who made this possible, all of the good people at Ankama! And last but not least, thanks to Izmar who took one to the face in the name of entertainment (those who've read my story will understand).

If you know me, then you understand that I fully support all artistry and writing, you could say I strive to be a Facilitator of Creativity, an Enforcer of the Imagination, Aide to those who have Ideas and are willing to share, regardless I can only hope for more contests such as these in the future and invite every single one of you to participate... next time!

P.S. I actually had somewhat of a heart attack when I realized I had won. FUNNY STORY: I was looking at the forums at the time and noticed that Therisim had something new underneath his signature (the Gobbal World Cup Contest Winner picture) and thought to myself, "Good job Therisim! You certainly deserved it considering your standing in the community polls." At this time, my OWN signature had not been updated to reflect my victory, so I had ASSUMED that I was not one of the top 3, much less the one in first place. Moments later, I check the forum, look at this new post by Izmar, and think, "Well congratulations Captain Hone- WUUUUH?!", had a heart attack/stroke/aneurysm/foamed at the mouth and fell off of my chair (you get the picture, I was surprised). Turns out that I happened to be checking at the exact time these things were being updated, HOW CONVENIENT. That's it. I hope this post wasn't too wordy, but hey, I'm a winner. I deserve at least this much.

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Score : 1436
Schmendrick|2010-07-06 08:46:00
I suspect it's a reference to this anime.

Yeah, that looks more like it. I should really get round to watching Akira.
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Score : 1269

Great job everyone! Especially the winners!!! (That's a nice victory speech you gave, CaptainHonesty tongue)

To anyone who didn't get their name on the first post of this thread, you all still deserve a honorable meantion JUST for participating! smile


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Score : 396

Woot! An honorable mention is pretty sweet, I must say. Thanks!

And congrats to all the winners! cool

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Score : 3266

... O_O

I'm speechless. Maybe I will think of something to say a bit later on.

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