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Market Alignment Boons - Brak and Bont.

By Terrah-Incognitah July 18, 2010, 09:18:58
I have two accounts. Each account has a Brak and a Bont on them, one in each.

The Braks came first, and in Brak I get the bonus toward # of items I can put up and the % of tax for putting an item up. In Bont, I'm still at the 20 item limit.

Since the markets are tied to the accounts, does this mean one alignment will take priority over the other and I can't benefit from both Bont and Brak characters.. or is something else going on?

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I think you're getting a bonus on the Brak characters because there are more Bontarians on the server or Bonta owns more territories than Brakmar. I'm not sure which one, though.
When whichever it is swaps the other direction, your Bont characters will get the bonuses but not the Brak characters.
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Neither, it's dependent on the number of items currently up for sale inside the market (read it somewhere, pretty sure I can dig it up if you need a quote).
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I could use some elaboration if you can indeed get a post or what not that explains this. Still pretty unclear on how/why this is happening to be honest. Thanks thus far.
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Balancing of marketplaces
With the aim of increasing equity between the marketplaces of Bonta and Brakmar, we have implemented several self-regulatory systems that allow you to change the sale fees, the terms of sale and the maximum number of items per account in a marketplace sale based on the number of transactions (and their size) carried out between the various marketplaces. If a city marketplace becomes much more popular than its equivalent in another city, taxes, the terms of sale and the maximum number of items per account will not change, whereas all the competitor marketplace will benefit from reduced fees, selling periods and increased maximum number of item per account. If two marketplaces have the same economic activity, these variables will remain equal.

This system is intended to facilitate economic activity for less popular marketplaces without affecting the operation of marketplaces that are already successful.
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That made it clear, thank you!
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