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By CloudyMind - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 06, 2010, 01:24:41
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I (and the rest of the moderating team) prevent people from making a thread about imps. It has no place here. We're not here to make fun of people.

I'm going to stress again that I want this thread kept civil. Imps has a lot of knowledgeable people that post there and can be extremely helpful.

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Hudski|2010-11-08 12:45:00
Ever walked down the street, seen someone pick their nose and eat it, and then been grossed out or laughed at them later?

Also, you're acting like it's hard to register, when you just don't want to. You're not thrown ten captchas and a general knowledge quiz on Manta Rays.
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Guys, there have been plenty of "noobs" that were shunned and/or put down, possibly even banned from IV that are now active and constructive contributors to the forum and to insight into the game.

We don't make fun of people for no reason. We make fun of people that have bad attitudes, and who give poor advice when they have little knowledge of the subject matter. Acting in either of these ways is deserving of it... I have even made fun of myself for it, because sometimes I have bad days, and days where my brain isn't really working right.

Knowledge and experience are highly valued on Imp's Village because bad advice is worse than no advice. Whether you like the forum or any of its members is beside the point... Imp's is a great place to find help with your Dofus journey, provided you have a good attitude and are humble about it.

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[quote name='' date='2010-11-08 13:05:00' post='575417']Go to the off topic section on the OF. Then tell me how much pointless shit is in there. At least a topic about imps is useful.

There's a topic about posting "you win" until a mod locks it. Its already at 3 pages.

Edit: ok it wouldn't be useful, but it would stop their bitching.[/quote]

Yeah, that's right. He said it would "stop our bitching." Because we're all OF trolls worth less than nothing to imps.

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