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[News] Crack Open the Laboratory of Brumen Tinctorias!

By [Izmar] - ADMIN - November 25, 2010, 10:37:03
Devtracker News

Who hasn’t heard of Brumen Tinctorias? This unusual Eniripsa is well known to players of DOFUS as one of the Astrub bounties; thousands of you have tracked his movements over the years.

Starting today, you can poke around in the former home of this notorious villain and meet some of his closest friends. You can already discover the ruins of an old tavern at (-27, 17). If you're willing to assist Rish Claymore, you'll discover that hiding in its musty basement is a new dungeon: Brumen Tinctorias’ Laboratory, guarded by Nelween, his faithful Whitish Fang!

So come on down to the lab and see what’s on the slab. Defeat Nelween, find whatever parts you need to make the new dungeon set, and get a new emote: "Hands on hips”!
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Yey another new emote, you know we all love em!

Sounds like we have to start a quest with the NPC Rish Claymore, like for the charlies agents quests. He's the NPC inside the Iop temple (for those who can't be bothered to look it up) smile

New key spam at the ready...
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sweet o.o curiousity has set in
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Can't wait till I get online at home later today =)
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Rish Claymore.. Took name from the manga/anime Claymore?
But the dungeon interests me. I guess it's for like a group of 150+? Or is it an "easy" one?
We found a problem with the Nelween set. Its pieces can not be made at the moment because its resources can not be used in the workshops. We're correcting the problem. I will keep you informed of developments in the problem.

Edit: The set-crafting bug is scheduled to be fixed on Tuesday, November 30.

We apologize to everyone for the delay.
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Still nice to get another emote to the list haha.

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Just did the dungeon. The Boss is around level 100 and has around 2,5k hp. The monsters inside the dungeon are kind of a more HP version of the monsters in sidimote moor.

Too bad we cant craft the Set yet. Have everything ready for the whole set but i cant put the Nelwynn mats in. Hope they fix this soon
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The set bonus at two pieces gives an MP. The set bonus at FOUR pieces GIVES AN AURA!?
I am so making this set.
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The exit room of the dungeon seemed rather abrupt and the end of the quest kinda left me hanging, I wonder if there will be more to come?
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how do i even get in 0.0
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I already had a key made, but my computer is still broke ;-;
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i wonder if Reapers will spam the dungeon today XD
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Hmmm, makes sense to me, maniac eni has a maniac laboratory.
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Kinda sad the dungeon was that easy :x but in the meantime it makes sense since amakna is sending all the high levels to frigost i guess.
Good job!
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cant craft new items :S, is update coming to fix this?
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Doolle|2010-11-25 18:10:00
cant craft new items :S, is update coming to fix this?

if you had read the full discussion then you would have read the quote from izmar

Wich says" the bugfix is planned for 30th novermber PLANNED but maybe its a bit later wink
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Awesome! can't wait to get my Eni in there!
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When I used the emote my hands were very high placed :

Warning this image will spoil the emote for those who haven't obtained it yet

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

I'm sure that's where my ribs are tongue
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Nice a new dung.
Only need that stupid key sad

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