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Guide to Making Your Own Events

By mariemonster June 03, 2006, 16:51:30
Hello! Here's a little walkthrough on making your own events.

First, I'd like to clarify that you don't need my blessing to post an announcement about events here, or on the Acdragon boards. That's something you can freely do. (Edit: Someone told me that on the acdragon boards, only moderators can post announcements, so just pm me your announcement and I'll post it.) You don't need my blessing to run an event in-game, and you certainly don't need me there to see that things get done, if the event is your brainchild.

The four basic things to remember when making an event:
1. Assume you're running the event alone;
2. The instructions are simple for people to follow;
3. There's something in it for everyone.
4. Not a lot of people will show up.
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One-man show. A lot of times your friends will want to help you run things, and it may be true that some of them will, but real life events can dictate whether people will actually show up or not. By that same token, other players may not always be true to their word. You'll have something where two people are needed to run an event, but then at the last minute the other person will back out. Always assume you're going to run an event alone. It'll save you heartache, and others, a headache. If you can't run a game or contest by yourself, just don't do it.

Easy-peasy. Most events that take place will be games. Keep the instructions simple, and everyone will be able to understand them and enjoy what's going on. Make something too complicated and you'll get no participants.

What's in it for me? People like free stuff--money, items, whatever. Give an incentive for folks to not spend their time leveling or crafting, and they'll drop by. Just like events in real life, more people are attracted to something if they know they'll get something free out of it.

Where'd everybody go? The concept of community-driven events is still relatively new to Rushu. Don't expect too many participants. Just as was mentioned in the first point, real life can throw something at players who mean to attend, thus they can't show. This is all a gradual process. As more and more events take place, more people will get involved. Think baby steps and you won't be disappointed.
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Tips on helping your event along:
1. Use /r chat to announce your event to others.
2. Go to every zaap before the event starts to announce it taking place. This works the same as /a.
3. Take a survey to see when people are available. According to Panoramix, Rushu is most populated between the hours of 12-6pm central time.
4. Make an "official" announcement on the boards somewhere ahead of time, so people can make plans to attend.
5. Think of your first event as an experiment--if something goes wrong, correct it next time and think about what you can do to make it better.

I hope this helps everyone. Have fun with your events!
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