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[Event] A Visit From Papa Kwismas (Rushu, Rosal)

By [Admin] - ANKAMA - December 28, 2007, 18:51:38

Twas the weekend 'fore Kwismas, and all through the land,
Someting was stirring, getting quickly out of hand.

Hector as the cap'n, but little did he know,
The boat hold was filled with monsters of snow!

When it came into dock, there arose such a clatter,
That Burly Ivy went to see what was the matter.

"Tis monsters!", he declared, "Running amuck!"
"If they reach the castle, Kwismas surely will suck!"

He shouted the word, to lands far and lands near,
In hopes that some heroes soon would be here!

And Needle, and Bugbear, Von Pearsus, and Ranged-joo,
and more all showed up to show what they could do!

Burly was grateful, and so as a show,
He proposed a race, for all who would go!

Those who met him in the ice and the snow,
Were given the gift of a challenging blow!

Meanwhile, over in busy Madrestam Town,
Papa Kwismas had plenty of gifts to go around!

Snowmen and trees and snowballs galore,
Tamed to be not as mean as before!

Westeni, Sugezan, the Knight known as Blazon
A Spongebear, Diklesadik, and even Last-Ronnin,

Were all given gifts to remember the day
But Pamela Kwismason was *not* given away

Over on Rosal, there were great Kwismas gifts
For all children in Astrub on the "Good" lists.

Mansword and Dessy were some of many
Who received snowy friends from the big bag of plenty.

To all who got gifts, to all who did right,
Merry Kwismas to all, and to all some good fights!

Huge thanks to (GM)Kurtulmak and (GM)Shashel for the event!
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