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Another Dofus Tournament-EVENT-

By --xshadowarriorx-- February 08, 2009, 03:54:18
( this is just an idea i thought would be cool) Just like the Dofus Arena Tournament but with a twist, anybody who wants to

enter the tournament ( P2P or F2P) will go to a certain map where they will be sent to an arena type map where they are all

changed to monsters. Everybody becomes the same lvl and spells/attacks are fairly distributed among players even if their

characters were lvl 200 or lvl 1 (temporarily of course biggrin) (everybody could have same already existing spells such as:

Bramble, and Curative Word) then whomever is the victor of all the rounds will become the new champion. Obviously there

would be a great deal of players wanting to do this, so the map where they get shipped off should only open every hour or

so for a certain amount of time, also there should be more than 1 tournament going on at the same time and each

tournament can only hold a certain amount of players. Then the victors of each Tournament will all go into a freestyle match

where everybody is to defend only themselves to see who is the best of them all.

--RULES-- One major glitch people would try to do is have all of their alts go in at the same

time, so in order to stop this-only one of your characters may enter the tournament, your alts can not enter another

tournament so that if somehow you win every match on 2 tournaments or more you would just pass your turn on your alt

character at the final battle and become the victor, Every match should be fair to win the final prize.

The Final Prize would have to be pretty amazing for all of this hassle, so it could be another Dofus that wont be out until later

in the game, or it could just be having bragging rights of saying that they're the champ and laugh in everybody's faces, or

maybe a new champion set, who knows? not me tongue

If this event is accepted it would take a long time for it to be organized, i am willing to do anything i possibly can to

help out.

Hopefully the Mods or whomever can just take this into consideration and release it in the future possibly even in Dofus 2.0!

If you like this idea comment positively and support it biggrin--------Have a WONDERFUL day
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This sounds cool ill participate(im on solar though)If any moderators who are reading this,it sounds fun and players might enjoy it,i know i will! laugh
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ill play bro sounds fun and that even playin field makes all the beter test of skill rather then who has the better set ;D
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Sounds fun.
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yea but it should be like u get to chose what monster u are (like the pet cemetery dungeon0 eg gobbal=iop bow meow= healer IDK just to make i cool ^^
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