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[Rushu] Glam Dialogue Guild Raffle

By February 09, 2009, 12:05:17
Now open, Glam Dialogue Guild's first ever raffle (open to players on Rushu)!

There are over 100 prizes to be won including a complete Jellix set, a bworker key, leek pie, precious stones, various pets, dreggon hammer and weapon skills.

Tickets cost 5,000 kamas each and a maximum of 10 tickets can be bought per account, not per character.

Tickets can only be bought in-game on Rushu by contacting SanityClause, Evil-Edna or Aldarana.

The draw will close on 31st March 2009 20.00 DUT.

A full list of prizes, rules and faqs is available on our new guild website: Glam Dialogue Guild Website

The raffle details are listed under the 'Events' section.
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Just a quick note to clarify that although the raffle is organised by the Glam Dialogue guild, any player on the Rushu server can buy tickets.
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I just had to post this, one of our guildies (Akaspy) created this wonderful flyer for the raffle.

Also, some people seem to be experiencing difficulties when accessing the site using:

This problem appears to be something to do with the subdomain. If people are having problems (a blank page) then please use this alternative URL.

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Yey!! There is another raffle for April! =D
Nice poster. biggrin
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Bumping this for other players on Rushu to buy. They are about to have a July raffle, best prize is a Batouta Helmet. They have several raffles (1 a month). I hope no one locks this tongue
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Free Bump. smile
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Bump again tongue
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Unless significant information is being added please do not bump the post, certainly no more than once per month, every few days is far too often.

MOD Bokze
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We're running another raffle, a big one this time (345 prizes with a total saleroom value of 41,500,000 kamas).

The details are in the same place ( and tickets are available now. The draw is on the 29th November and the prizes include such things as:

Chamelion dragoturkeys (four different types)
Spell scroll
Precious stones
Vampyre set codes
Shushumi codes
Dungeon boss soulstones
and many more...
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Over 400 tickets have been sold so far, which has unlocked a lot of the prizes, although there are still more to be unlocked.

If you were planning on buying tickets, you can usually find us at the 5,7 zaap.

Also, a quick rule clarification. Originally tickets were limited to 10 per account. We lifted that restriction and now there is a limit of 10 tickets per character which means that, potentially, you could have up to 50 tickets per account.
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All the prizes are now unlocked, thank you everyone for taking part, and if people still want to buy tickets, they are available until the draw is made.

The draw is 20:00 Dofus time today. We will be at 5,7 to hand the prizes out but please bear with us. I have to send an alt to his bank to collect the prizes as we meet the winners and getting the prizes can take a while.

This time around we have some item codes donated by the Crimson Rain Society and in those cases, one of us will be explaining in detail how to use the code (that we will PM) and wait whilst the winner enters the code and verifies they have the item. Because these prizes are virtual and we can't physically hand them over, we cannot take any responsibility if the code does not work. We also cannot verify that the code hasn't been entered by the winner but the winner says it doesn't work, we have to work on trust, so be nice folks smile

In the event that a code doesn't work, we will refund the 5kk you paid for the ticket, we can't do more than that.

20:00 DUT is going to be chaotic at 5,7 but hopefully very fun as people get their prizes.
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this is the first raffle i missed.

i am actually sad about it but i really did not know it was going down. it is quite depressing
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