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[Rosal] Treasure Hunt Event

By eotkodekff March 12, 2009, 18:10:51
So basicly this is an event im having on Rosal Server, Bonta and other areas (but it will start from bonta).
Heres a short overview of the event
- Start from bonta (location not determined yet), here you receive your first hint
- By following hints to other hints you will eventually get to the price
- I will ask some of my friends and use my chars to hand out hints IG
- Areas where the hints will be located are places where there are no aggro monsters (so everyone can participate, though p2p only)
- You will need to figure out stuff based on the hints you received, the more you know about Dofus, the easier it will be for you

- Possibly this weekend if enough people participate

Five people to complete the whole treasure hunt the fastest will receive prizes


1st - 200kk
2nd - 100kk
3rd - 50kk
4th - Characteristic scroll
5th - Characteristic scroll

Additionally if I do receive donations the prizes will be a lot bigger. Post here if you are interested in this event.
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This sounds interesting, are brakmars allowed because I get the feeling we aren't.

EDIT: I went neutral so I'm all good.
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ahh probly not sry ill be there if i can
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cool an event on rosal. i ll join ^^

Where exactly in bonta? huh
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