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Panda needs a partner :)

By Bunkah March 17, 2009, 19:30:03

I'm currently a lvl 82 chance panda. Came here to find a nice buddy to do dungs/xp hunts with, I'm on alot when I don't have rugby - that's mondays and fridays, tho later those days I'm on. Since all of my guildies are 100+ or even higher, i really don't have anything to do with them, tho i love them <33.
If u're interested, pm me in game - Keem.
Or send a private msg here. smile
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Score : 163
bump for meh =/
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Yo what server you in? im in rosal, im also a chance panda lvl 43 named Akwal
Score : 163
I'm on Rosal, currently 84, kinda looking for a partner around my lvl, as I could do piralaks, pandas, kanis, otomai, dungs, etc. with him. :]
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you like talking too right? pm cronum

dont worry ill do the other stuff too although im not exactly sure of koalaks.
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if you still want a partner.. i'm lvl 84 str panda and I also don't level solo (I don't fight if i dont have group accely biggrin)

so that's why I lvl so slow.. I'm in for all we can do and doesn't takes too much time biggrin

rosal server
IGN: bravedarkhen

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