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[Rosal] Chillin' like villains and partyin' like there's no tomorrow

By Finnzo April 24, 2009, 18:18:31
Alright! Here's the deal. No messin' around about this. I mean business, in a superly chill way. This is going to rock some socks and knock off blocks. This is the party of the century, right here on Rosal. Anyone who plays in another server might wanna make another character to join in! Free beer, snacks, fairyworks displays, and live entertainment! Even performance opportunities for the more lively and outgoing amongst you; drunk karaoke, scissors-paper-rock tournaments and beer chuggin', even a grand music quiz! Some events will require signing up, some will be all-in! Some events will also require the audience to offer their opinion. Of course, there'll be prizes for every event that has a winner, and we're not talking about piwi-feed here. These prizes are the real deal. There'll also be a dress code: out of the ordinary! Be cool. Be awesome. Be original! Whatever you or other people wear from day to day is unacceptable. wink. Summing it all up so quickly doesn't do it justice. You'll have to be there. But you can't be at the party if there IS no party, and there won't BE a party unless you tell me you're in! Let's get BEACHED!
Positive results on the poll will trigger action towards getting this kickin' party goin'.

-Jetfrog of Rosal
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edit:ill join on rosal!
edit:if its done im not going
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umm when is this
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