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Fungus Dungeon- Need panda and agi hitter

By Sosha August 08, 2009, 17:25:04
HiHi ^^

My guild leader and I will run Fungus Dungeon this Sunday to test a battle theory that I have. We need 2 support panda with lvl 6 wind vuln, 2 strong agi hitters, a sacrier (me), 2 eni and an enu...

So far we have everything except 1 support panda an 1 strong agi hitter

for the support panda all we need is 2000k+ health and 10 base AP along with lvl 6 wind vuln (may settle for 8 base AP)
for the agi hitter I'd like someone who's not a Sacrier- a lvl 190+ [Agi Eni, Agi Xelor,]<=for the 4 base dagger hits
Agi Sram, Agi Cra, etc. (i'd prefer you at least have shroom set) edit: sorry I totally forgot; if you are an Agi Panda you are more than welcome to be the damage dealer...

anyhoo, this will probably be the first ebber NON-str Iop win again Ougaa and I'd just like to see the various ways to run this dungeon. You can keep all drops and will probably be asked to do soul with us.

Just to let you know we aren't leeching noobs our team consists of...
lvl 199 Agi Iop
lvl 191 Wisdom/Cha Enu
lvl 183 PvM (multi-build) Sacrier (yay me ^^)
lvl 184 Support Panda
lvl 176 Support Eni
lvl 173 Support Eni

Please post you level, class, and AP, MP and agi (for Panda I just need your name and to know you want to be the support panda) here or PM me in game sunday or later today

ty to all who try to help
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Old Post, I know. Just wondering how well the run went, have a friend who was interested in doing it with a similar team.
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