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TEAM:[Rushu]National Leveling Day

By simomate August 21, 2009, 08:45:01
Rushu Event: National leveling day

Its time to put on your wisdom gear, and start battling monster to high level then you! wink But dont worry you will be supported by me! And any other high levels available at the time.
I might be running personal trainings, but it all starts at the event. Join the event for a chance to earn a TrainerKey! They day will go as so: We meet at crkroks and all avaiable mid or high levels i have at the time will train you biggrin. Im hoping to run it at
5:00pm(Aussie time) Sunday!

So come to crakroks at that time and get ready to train! (Levels 1-19) note: I gurrantee you 90% I or some high level will be there but not 100%

National leveling day: Making Low levels, high since 2009
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