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[Rosal] Face Down Death Event!

By MsBellOberon August 30, 2009, 07:54:38
Okay all your brave and beautiful Rosalians! Are you ready to risk your lives for glory and riches?

There are three ways to participate:

1. Attempt to slaughter Pandora Master and win 3 million kamas for your team.
2. Attempt to slaughter Crocobulia and win 4 million kamas for your team.
3. Attempt to slaughter Ougaa and win 7 million kamas for your team.

~I'll start accepting entries at 9:00 PM (EST) on August 28th!

Simple right? Wrong! *evil grin* There are didnt really think this would be easy did you? Check out these rules before you accept...

Rules for Obtaining the Pandora Master Prize!
Your total team level must be 400 or smaller. Each individual player's level may not exceed 120.

Rules for Obtaining the Crocobulia Prize!
Your total team level must be or 800 smaller. Each individual player's level may not exceed 150.

Rules for Obtaining the Ougaa Prize!
Your total team level must be 1400 or smaller. Each individual player's level may not exceed 180.

You do not actually have to to kill the boss monster...or even make it into the boss room! Simply take a screen shot of the fight you die in. The team that makes it through the most rooms, killing the most levels of monsters total in that room, in the least amount of time wins.

For example, a team that makes it to room 6 and kills 2 level 150 monsters in 5 minutes will win over a team that makes it to room six and kills 3 level 80 monsters in 5 minutes.

Here is how you enter:
Your entry is to be a screen shot uploaded to Please PM it to me here, providing me with just the link for the screenie (do not embed it in the message as an image). The screen shot must include all monsters and players in the if they do not all fit on the fight summary screen, please take two screen shots to include them all. The screen shot must also show the dofus clock, with your mouse over the clock so that the date of the screen shot can be verified.

You must also be ready to supply screen shots (also with your mouse hovering on the clock for date/time verification) of you in the rooms previous to your final fight. These do not need to accompany your PMed entry, but they may be requested in order to claim your prize.

* The prize if for the team as a whole, more people = less money per person...less people = more money.
* Limit 5 entries per character. (Not per account/person behind the screen). This means that you can play more than one character in more than one fight. You are welcome to try once or 5 times with 5 different groups, etc.
* Entries must be received by September 15th at 8 pm EST. (I'll be using the time stamp on your PM to determine this time).

Feel free to ask more questions here. Do not post your times or your screen shots in this thread.

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what if theres 2 teams getting to exact the same "place"/time w/e?

Will u choose one or will both teams get price?
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andepandee|2009-08-31 19:50:00
what if theres 2 teams getting to exact the same "place"/time w/e?

Will u choose one or will both teams get price?

I think that the chance of a tie is very slim. They will first have to kill the same levels of monsters in almost the same order, then have to do it in exactly the same time. In the very rare chance tie does happen, the teams will split the money.
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Can my alt come too? his level 21
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errr lets say theres for people in group for the umm pandora master one how much will each get?
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Wickedblaze|2009-08-31 20:07:00
also, 4 level 100 can finish the dung faster then 8 level 50s true or not? so its hard for us to compete with their time

Yes alts can come, anyone on rosal is welcome smile You just need to be under the level caps (individual and total group) that I posted on the original topic.

It's not always true that 4 higher level players can finish faster than 8 lower level players. In fact, faster doesnt necessarily matter. So far no teams have managed to complete the dungeons, so this is still a game about getting the farthest in the dungeon. Time only comes into play in the event of ties. I think 8 lower levels would have as much a chance as everyone else happy

Try it and find out biggrin This event is about facing death after all!
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MsBellOberon|2009-09-01 04:50:00
If 4 people were to win Pandora master, the total money per person would be 750kk.

The pots are 3mk, 4mk, and 7mk respectively. Each one will be split by the number of people in their groups.

Seems like a great tournament. Haven't seen one in ages so I hope all will go well. Remember you can quote more than 1 post so you don't need to post 2 times. Hope all will be good and everyone will enjoy! =) Good luck to all the participants!!
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and? who won? biggrin
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