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Revenge of Al Howin

By Oamoka - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 09, 2009, 14:32:34

"My friend has been bitten by a Jack O'Gobball, and transformed into a hideous monster! If she is victorious in battle, she may be able to break free from this curse. Can someone help her?"
This player-run event role playing event happened on Rosal, starting with a Jack O'Gobball appearing at Astrub Zaap. It ran down to Astrub Bank, chased by several players, who then followed it inside. After running around the bank, the Jack O'Gobball returned outside, which is where the event really started, with many players attacking the Jack O'Gobball at once.
"My friend is still a Jack O'Gobball, and I fear the curse has reached her brain! She has become aggressive, and will attack people at random! Only those wearing Pumpwkin Headgears are safe!"
The event began at 8:50, 9 Septangel, 639, and ended at 9:40, 9 Septangel, 639, by which time, unfortunately, most participants had lost interest, so the Jack O'Gobball transformed back to a player by attacking a piwi.
"FREEEE! The curse has finally been lifted, and I am a beast no more! My gratitude goes to all those who work to save me, and participated here. "
Thanks go to all the people who participated in this unexpected event.
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