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Drago Turkey Racing

By Aldarana - SUBSCRIBER - November 26, 2009, 19:50:59
Dragoturkey Racing [Rushu]

People sometimes ask where the kamas from the Glam Dialogue raffle ticket sales go...

They go towards silly events like this.

Sorry for the short notice, but it was a last minute decision to run some Dragoturkey races at one of our paddocks to join in the thanksgiving celebrations (translates as an excuse to have some fun).

The dragoturkey races are available to any P2P character who can get to our guild paddock at -27,46 (edge of brakmar, south of the city, walk around the left hand side of Brakmar, I'm Bontarian so I have to do the same walk. Alternatively you could play with the mine transports to get to -25,46, walk right one map and leave the mine). You have to be P2P because we need to be able to hand your prize over if you win.

The races will start at 21:00 DUT (Dofus Universal Time, check the clock in game) today - 26th November and will continue whilst there is interest, and we're not falling asleep.

The rules are as follows:

1. There are 12 dragoturkeys racing, each a different breed.
2. Each player is assigned a particular turkey
3. Any P2P player on Rushu can participate in a race on a first come, first assigned basis. The entrance fee is 0 kamas.
4. The turkeys are called back to the starting position by our breeder before the start of each race
5. Once released, players are expected to cheer their turkeys on but the guild breeder will not be giving any emote encouragement
6. The first turkey to reach the end square ON MY SCREEN is deemed the winner and the player assigned to that turkey wins 5,000 kamas and moves to the bottom of the player list.
7. When a winner is moved to the bottom of the list, the next player in sequence is assigned to the winning turkey for the next race. The remaining 11 players keep their turkey assignments.
8. In all disputes, SanityClause's decision is final

Special rules / clarifications

In order to give as many people a chance at this, when someone wins, they are not allowed to enter the next race, their position is taken by the next player not already in the race.

If we see any alignment aggressions, the aggressor is instantly banned from this and potentially future events run by Glam Dialogue, play nice folks and keep in the spirit of things.

The fee to enter a race is 0 kamas, totally free, no catch, we're running this for fun and the prizes are coming out of our event fund which is created from income generated from other events like the Glam Dialogue raffle.
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This is so epic.
I'm totally doing it. smile
See you there!
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hmm seems cool u might see a KAN char running around to find ur racing ;D

KAN ;p
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Chaos, absolute chaos smile

A huge thanks to Izmar for announcing the event to the server, and in turn, a huge apology to everyone who PM'd me in the barrage of blue text that followed and that I didn't reply to because by the time I read their name, my extended screen had already scrolled past.

We've learned a few things from running this event that will make future events smoother. I'd like to think that people had a good time and as events go, that was a relatively inexpensive one to run. We handed out just over 400,000 kamas in prize money to the winners of the races and that was mainly because as time went on, we increased the prize from 5,000 to 10,000 and in the final 5 races, the prizes were 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60,000 kamas.

One of the main issues we had was the ever present language barrier and a general confusion until we got started. In future, we'll aim to give more notice and give people a chance to get the post translated into a more comfortable language.

Again, a huge thanks to everyone who took part in our little event. It gives us motivation to run more events in the future and find more ways of spending the raffle income smile
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