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[RUSHU] Soul Tournament

By Xalthorn December 30, 2009, 14:43:50
One event that I've been preparing for over a long period of time is a Soul Tourney. The idea is that there would be four bands of teams to separate players by level (levels 1-50, 51-100, 101-150, 151-200) and each band would have 10 teams of 7 characters (the 8th spot taken by a 'watcher').

The tournament is not a knockout tournament, in each round, each team fights a dungeon boss soul in an arena and the number of rounds they took to win each soul is the measure of speed. This means that teams who use summons are not penalised in the speed challenge, nor are teams who experience lag.

Points are awarded to the teams based on their speed placing and prizes are awarded to the fastest team for each boss soul and of course for the overall band champions.

My concern is that I have already taken a very long time to collect soulstones for this tourney and I'm wondering how many people would actually be interested in taking part. If the answer is very few, then I'll stop collecting the souls.

I'm still a long way from collecting all the souls needed to run the event (to keep things fair, the boss mob in each soul needs to be the same level as that will have an impact on the time taken) but a rough idea of how many people would take part if the event was to run in the near future would be good.

I'd need 10 teams of 7 characters for each band, so a total of 40 teams, or 280 characters. Because there is no easy way to check or police it, I really don't care if one player has a character in each band, or even several characters in the same team of 7

I strongly suspect this may be too large a tournament for Rushu to participate in. The number of teams could easily be reduced, but I certainly couldn't increase it.
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