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[Solar] The Solacaire 2nd Anniversary

By March 06, 2010, 00:19:13

What is the Solacaire Anniversary?
Well, in simple terms. It is the celebration of each year that passes on this grand server, Solar. It originated as what the members of the guild Solace were planning to be a guild celebration of their anniversary. What it transformed into was a grand festival that encompassed over 120 players attending the event, with prizes, mini-games, and fun times out and about. As my last days playing, I will host the last one of these festivals and hope that the community carries on its legacy!

When is this happening?
Now, here's something interesting! May 2nd is the designated day, which on this year, falls neatly on a Sunday. The reason as to why the event is not occurring on the day the server was created? Well, four months from now, I expect that a lot of players won't be playing anymore. I want to do something for the members of the community that I've known and love, and because of this, I want them to be able to experience this before they're done with Dofus. It's my little "thank you" for getting to know you all! As for the time? That is still under judgment; I will try to find a time that best accommodates everybody, but seeing as players from around the globe will be attending, it will be difficult to find a right time! The event will certainly last a few hours, so if you don't make it to the speech or miss the first few scavenger lists, you can definitely hop on later on!

Where is the event located?
Why, but one of the most festive places in the World of Twelve! The event takes place at the Trool Fair, with general admission into the park. From there, we will gather, and I'll give a speech along with another few members of the community who have shown their fame and recognition to be entitled their words of wisdom.

Wait, there are going to be prizes?
I bet a lot of people are happy to hear that! Yes, very much like last year, there are going to be tons of prizes for the mini-games, events, and the tournament that range from something as simple as a Gobball Hat to more powerful items such as a Solomonk. This year, instead of members of the no longer existing Solace order, the community members have banded together to contribute to this cause and piece together a cavalcade of worthy prizes for all you players! All players will have an equal opportunity to earn prizes, regardless of level or status.

What can I do to help?
If you are an existing member of the ImpsVillage community board, I am recruiting staff coordinators and other people to help with the event. Unfortunately, I do not know the community on the official board well enough to pick out players to help from here. Registration to that board will also allow you access to the Update Log for the event, seeing the progress and allowing you to participate in making it a great community event.


Wanna learn more? Visit here. Keep an eye out and spread the word! We plan to make this the largest event in the history of Solar and will make it an event to represent all events! All players are invited to this grand festival! If you have any other questions, you can contact Razalas or Tsaipher in-game during my hours visiting.

Yours sincerely,
- S
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Count me in.

Miss-Kane of Solar. I was wondering... What time GMT?
I am not a member of ImpsVillage either, but I would like to participate in the event. 8-D
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And so the event has passed, and with it, my time on Solar. Everyone had an extraordinary time, and the event turned out great with over 35.000.000K in Kamas and item prizes being handed out. Hope you all had a great time to whose who had attended; my entire farewell address is located here.

- S
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