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Small update on..

By eotkodekff July 23, 2010, 15:49:53
I totally forgot to update the topic once I had done what I did. But after starting to play again in October I shortly after quit again and gave my stuff away to a lucky person whose name wont be posted here (because of his wish).

I somehow stumbled back to Dofus in May this year and continued playing with some naked characters happy, but my friends gladly helped me get back on my feet only to witness me quitting again (thanks guys!) hehe... This time with a proper reason, school finals. I probably will start playing again after the first part of my finals is over and quit again before the 2nd part of my finals begins. Im now on summer holiday, but extremely busy and thus I dont log on too much, just on random occasions. But this time ill be keeping my chars equipped as im not really quitting, just taking a break (and yay my post suspension was taken away).

Before any mod locks/deletes/etc this topic, it is related with my previous event topic which was locked because the even was over, so to say.

reference to:

So to those wondering, yeah I did give away 220mk worth of kamas, items, mounts, etc. to a person who was close to me and fortunately didnt keep it all to himself, but helped some others with it ^^.
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