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[Event] The Writtern Word

By simomate November 06, 2010, 10:01:19
Hello, my nickname is simomate (obviously tongue) and I here to inform you of an un-offical event I decided to host. There will be no prizes of course (except the honor of being named the winner) the competition is manly for fun. There will be no theme for this one, only that it must be to do with Dofus. If this goes succesful, I may host more, that have a particular theme, (such as Horror, Action, Adventure, Brakmar, Bonta etc) (or such as, Gobbowl, Arena etc)

What do you guys think the word minum/maximum words be? Also I'll need someone to judge with me, to avoid being bias. In a few days I'll be posting the submission form, once I get these things out of the way.

Kind Regards,

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I could help if you want
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I can help with the judging
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@Rocketsnail, you wanna be judge? Your hired. Now then: The world limit shall be 10,000words. The minimum shall be as low as you should want. Be reasonable if you want to win though. But remember: Quality is better then quantity. I shall post the submission form in a moment.
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How much time do we get to write? I'm kind of busy with a writing project during November itself.
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