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Contest: Classes Sprites, Rules.

By Crinerr December 04, 2010, 12:01:15
I decided to hold a voting contest about the classes their sprites (Rogues included)
Which sprite is the most well made/original/beautiful?

The contest will be hold in fifth rounds.

First round:
There are 13 classes, each with female and male.
That means 26 class sprites.
I will hold a poll, and the 16 classes with the most votes go on to the second round.

Second round:
From round second to round six, all will be head-to-head battles.
The number 1 with the most votes in the first round, battles with the number 16
The number 2 with number 15.
And so on.

Third, fourth and fifth round:
All head-to-head.
In the third round the class sprites will go from 8 to 4.
In the fourth round the class sprites will go from 4 to 2.

The fifth round is the final.

Each round will take 7 days, for a total of 5 weeks.
Every saturday a new round will start.
Vote for your favorite!

Hope you all like it smile
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