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[RUSHU] Looking for help with planning event! Inquire inside!

By ikaikaika - SUBSCRIBER - January 08, 2011, 00:51:05

Hello fellow Rushu inhabitants! How are you all? Well, I hope.

I'd like to hold an event for the whole of Rushu to participate, F2P and P2P alike. The event will most likely include some sort of Tournament, all-out alignment battles, competitions as to who can do x activity fastest, and of course, free prizes! These separate events would be linked together by some sort of story; a story anyone can jump into and roleplay as they like at any moment. It would be a chance for players on Rushu to meet other players, to chat, roleplay together, and take a break from the monotony of killing monsters or gathering whatever it is they gather...and then return to killing monsters with new friends to help!

...But of course, I'm only one person. So, I'm looking for Rushu inhabitants who would be willing to help me in this. As of now, I have one other person who would be willing to help, Wealtheow. So I need people! Get over here!

What I'd be looking for in someone to help plan this event/:

Know the basics of roleplaying.
Use grammar correctly.
Be creative! I want this event to be a fun experience for all involved.
Be able to work with others.

Again, these requirements are for those who want to help plan the event. Anyone can join, no matter how much I have to resist the temptation to claw my eyes out because UR SPK L13K D1S!!!ELEVEN!!11!LOL

So, either post below or message me saying you want to help out, and feel free to include why you want to help, as well.

Also- even if you don't quite have an idea of what to add into the event, or how to plan it, but you love roleplaying in general, message me.


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