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By xofaytox January 16, 2011, 03:10:16
Dear Mother, 

Guess what today is! Yup it’s my birthday. I’m sixteen and that means I’m finally old enough to join a guild. I’m going to try out for that guild Albus Crux; you know the one I’ve been telling you about. In a few days they are supposed to be having their annual entrance exams. They say it’s the best way to get noticed by the guild and be recruited. I’m so excited that I’m shaking. Sorry if some of my handwriting is hard to read. Anyways Guild Master Traydor is supposed to be watching over the exams and I can’t wait to show him what I’m made of. He is such an amazing Guild Master. One of these days I’m going to be just like him. But enough about that. So far my day has been going great. My boss at the bakery gave me the day off since it’s my birthday, and everyone in town has been wishing me a good one. I wish you could be here. Astrub is such a great city. I hope everything remains the way things are. I read in the paper that another small guild disappeared. It’s so weird. They say that they just vanish as if they were never there. People are taking saying that Dark Guilds are responsible, but most people doubt whether or not Dark Guilds even exist. Even if it was Dark Guilds, why would they show up now? But don’t worry about me I have been training like crazy, and I’m in top form. No one can beat me. I have even gotten better at using Shiro Suzume. I can now disperse my energy evenly instead of it sucking it all out in one shot. Also I know it is supposed to be some kind of family heirloom or something, but I think our ancestors lied when they said it had “evolutionary capabilities” whatever that means. Anyways that’s it for my birthday, time to start training for the exams.


p.s. …I wish you were still here. Don’t let Father know where I am!


It’s been over half a millennium and the inhabitants of the World of Twelve have developed more mentally, physically, and technologically. Hybrids are now much more common than pure breeds. Though no matter how many different traits a person has in their blood line, they only inherit two of them. Vary rarely is someone born with only one class trait. The powers granted by the gods have also developed greatly. New and bizarre powers have emerged, some only gifted to a specific individual. Despite these new developments, the powers of the Gods have been vanishing. More and more are born without abilities at all and those that are find that they have far less powers than that of their ancestors. Many scholars believe it’s due to the scientific advances that have been made. They think that the Gods feel that we no longer need them to thrive. It is the era of the steam engine and all the major cities are now connected by railway. The war between Bonta and Brakmar has ended and the world is for once experiencing peace. Guilds began to spring up more frequently and soon it was them that controlled all the power. Guilds have mission boards were people can leave a request and a reward amount depending on the difficulty. Then someone or a team within the guild would accept the mission and try their best to complete it. Guilds began to get too powerful and people began to put up assassination request on the mission boards, which are illegal. A war was about to start until the Guild Counsel was formed. The counsel was created to look over all the guilds and to keep the powers between them balanced. Now the world is governed by the Guild Counsel. In order to do that seven guilds of great power have been chosen to be the eyes and ears of the Counsel. They are known as the Seven Great Guilds. They are Albus Crux, Lux Gear, Umbra Gear, Luna Tide, Valkyrie Wing, Kabuki Mask, and Blue Scarab. Each one watching over the smaller guilds in their region. The Guild Masters of the Seven Great Guilds meet every month to discuss what is going in the World of Twelve and to try and keep the peace between them. But rivalries began and tension between some of the guilds grew. For this the Counsel created the Grand Tournament. Every year guilds from all over the world would compete in this tournament to see who is the strongest. No guild outside of the Seven Great has ever won the tournament. The Grand Tournament has become the biggest event in all of the World of Twelve, and has even turned into a spectator’s sport of sorts. Millions come to see the various guild members duke it out in the arena with their strange powers and amazing artifacts. Lately however guilds have been vanishing. Its members gone and its halls deserted. It is rumored that it is the work of Dark Guilds, guilds that live in the underground and accept the kind of missions that are banned. But there is no proof of whether or not Dark Guilds even exist or not. But this isn’t something you need to worry about. You’re just a young adventurer trying to make it out in this crazy world. What better way to do that than to join the wildest guild out there, Albus Crux.

The Seven Great Guilds

Albus Crux (White Cross) - Located at the heart of Astrub, this guild has grown quite the reputation in recent years. It has been able to produce some of the strongest warriors along with having a huge success rate with its clientele. The motto within the guild is “Do what you think is right.” While this train of thought has given them the respect as an honorable guild, it does however land them in quite a bit of trouble with the Guild Counsel. What one might consider right does not always agree with everyone else. The members of the guild for the most part are a pretty rowdy group. Often times starting fights amongst themselves, and unintentionally causing trouble for civilians. Despite all of this each member would gladly give their own life to protect each other, and to some the guild is the closest thing to a family that they have ever known.
Guild Master: Name: Palin Traydor; Gender: Male; Class: Iop/Sacrier; Age: 48; Master Traydor has been butting heads with the Guild Counsel since the day he was appointed the new Guild Master. They say he has no control over his guildies, but he sees it as allowing them to live life freely. Though due to recent threats from the Counsel to disband Albus Crux, he has been trying to keep the collateral damage to a minimum. He cares for his guildies more than anything in the world. He once had a son who died at a young age, and since then he has referred to the guildies as his children. He is always up for a good time, and he can usually be found laughing and drinking at the guild hall bar. But it wasn’t his fun attitude that got him the position of Guild Master. When it comes to pure strength he is one of the most powerful warriors alive. He does however have a huge weakness for women.

Lux Gear (Light Gear) – Located in Bonta, Lux Gear has always had a huge rivalry with Umbra Gear. The wars between Bonta and Brakmar may be over but the tension is still there. Lux Gear believes in an absolute justice. They enforce the law and punish those who go against it. They have become more of a police force than a guild. Lux Gear won the Grand Tournament last year.
Guild Master: Name: Caraman Trumbull; Gender: Male; Class: Cra/Feca; Age: 58; Master Trumbull is said to be one of the strictest Guild Masters out there, and Lux Gear one of the  toughest guilds to get into. He only allows the best to be a part of his guild. He despises nothing more than those who break the law, and has a bitter rivalry with his cousin Raistlin, the Guild Master of Umbra Gear.

Umbra Gear (Shadow Gear) – Located in the depths of Bramar, this guild has brought order to the once hectic city. Its member’s power can rival that of Lux Gear, and despite the rivalry their views are very similar. They believe in order, but to achieve this order sometimes rules need to be broken.
Guild Master: Name: Raistlin Vit; Gender: Male; Class: Cra/Sram; Age: 57; Master Vit is the cousin of Guild Master Trumbull of Lux Gear. His personality is very cool, calm, and collected. He does not hate his cousin, but he does wish to bring him around to his way of thinking.

Luna Tide – Located in Amakna, Luna tide is a very popular guild. Its members are all very kind and treat each other like a big family. They work hard to protect the people of Amakna, and they have good relations with most every guild. Every year they hold a huge festival which attracts people from all over the world.
Guild Master: Name: Goldmoon Mercur; Gender: Female; Class: Enutrof/Eniripsa; Age: Unknown; Master Mercur is the oldest living guild master. She is also the only one of the Seven Great Guild Masters that is the original master of her guild. This makes people wonder how old she truly is. Don’t let her age fool you; she is one of the greatest healers that have ever
lived. She acts quite youthful for her age and is always smiling, but people are starting to think that she might be going senile.

Valkyrie Wing – located on Otomai Island, Valkyrie Wing is the only all female guild. This guild believes in raw power and using there feminine wiles to accomplish their missions. They are also the guild with the most members who were born without any powers. Which shows just how dangerous these ladies can be. The only man to have ever stepped foot within their guild hall was Guild Master Traydor. Afterwards he looked like a Xelor from all the bandages that covered him, and he spent the next week in the medical ward of Albus Crux.
Guild Master: Name: Akara Kurast; Gender: Female; Class: Iop/Pandawa; Age: 42; Master Kurast is probably the toughest women you will ever meet, and she can drink anyone under the table. She and Master Traydor have a love hate relationship. They are always competing for who is the strongest and when they are drunk they act like best friends. Though she hates it when he hits on her and then turns and hits on one of her guildies.

Kabuki Mask – Located in Pandala, Kabuki Mask is the most mysterious of the guilds. All of its members do not converse much with those outside the guild hall walls, and they all wear some sort of mask. No one knows what their motives are, but they hold an almost perfect track record of completed missions.
Guild Master: Name: Tas Fizban; Gender: Male; Class: Masqueraider/Sadida; Age: Unkown; Master Fizban is more mysterious than even his guild. The public never sees him, as he stays within the confines of the guild hall. At the monthly Guild Leader meetings he rarely speaks and only contributes when it is needed.

Blue Scarab – Located in Frigost, Blue Scarab is the most promising of the guilds. It was only recently accepted as the seventh Great Guild. All of its members are relatively young,  calling themselves the next generation of guildies. It has become a crowd favorite to win the next Grand Tournament.
Guild Master: Name: Oliver Marius; Gender: Male; Class: Xelor/Osamodas; Age: 26; Master Marius is the youngest person to ever become a Guild Master. He is considered a genius and is probably the most level headed of all the seven Guild Masters.

Artifacts: Artifacts were discovered a little over two hundred years ago in some ancient ruins. These items have strange magical powers and use the users magical energy to activate. Scientist have dissected these artifacts and learned how to manufacture them and create new ones. Now they are a part of everyday life. A comb that changes the users hair color, a pen that can write/draw in the air, a crystal that will illuminate a room. These are just a few examples of the countless artifacts that are being used today. These ones only require a very small amount of energy, but there are those that if not handled carefully will drain the user of all his power. These artifacts are mostly used as weapons. They have opened up brand new doors for warriors. For those that are born with large amounts of magical energy but no powers, artifacts allow them to compete with those with powers. Some artifacts have evolutionary capabilities. These artifacts form a bond of sorts with their users, and develop along with them. Not everyone can use just any artifact however. No one knows what it is exactly that makes a person able to use one artifact over another.

1. Please leave the godmodding/powerplaying to a minimum. If you feel like you need too, please contact me or the person whose character you want to control first.
2. Please speak in third-person.
3. Grammar. Punctuation. Spelling. I'm not to strict on this, but if it becomes a problem or is to frequent in your post then I will ask you to leave.
4. Please try to post regularly.
5. Wait until I approve you bio before posting in the IC thread.
6. All OOC is to be within this thread.

Name: Be original.
Age: 16-25 I would like to keep everyone around the same age.
Gender: Male/Female
Class: Keep in mind that hybrids are even more common than purebreds in this time. If you make a hybrid it can only be two classes. I am going to allow Masqueraider since I am allowing you to create your own powers.
Appearance: Be as descriptive as you can. The fashion in this time is sort of steampunk, if you want to use that as a starting point. If you are part Ecaflip or Pandawa then you have to show at least a little of the traits associated with each class.
Personality: You don't have to spend a lot of time here if you don't want to. I just want a basic description of what your character is like.
History: This is my favorite part of a bio so be as creative as you like. Think hard about your history. You never know, maybe something or someone from your past will show up in the main story.
Style/Power(s): What is your characters fighting style and what kind of weapon does he/she use if any. If your character was born with a power(s) describe it. I would prefer if it fit with your class, but I will be pretty lenient. You can use an already created power, base one off of an already created power, or create your own. I will only allow one or two powers though, but they can develop as the story progresses. I will have to approve your power before hand.
Artifact(s): If you have an artifact list what it is called and what it does. You can have more than one but don't go overboard. Artifacts require energy and if you are using a lot at once you will deplete your power fast and then become helpless.
Guild Status: What is your status in Albus Crux. Are you a member yet? If so for how long? You can not make yourself high in the guild ranks, and if you are a member it does not mean you are more powerful, just more experienced.


My Bio
Name: Eoleo ???????
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Cass: Rogue/Ecaflip

Appearance: Eoleo is 5’11’’ and 155 pounds and has a slender athletic build. He has large dark brown eyes and a strong bone structure with a square chin. He has straight black hair that is about should length. He wears glasses and is rarely ever seen without his light brown, brimmed hat. There is a pair of goggles attached to his hat sitting on top of the rim. Hidden under his hat are two cat ears that he is embarrassed to show. He wears a white button up shirt with a brown poncho on top. He wears a pair of dark brown fingerless gloves and a holster on his waist. His pants are dark brown and the bottoms are tucked into a pair of large boots. There is a hole in the back of his pants for his long black cat tail.

Personality: Eoleo dreams of becoming the most powerful warrior in all of the guilds. He has got an unbreakable spirit and an optimistic look on things. He has many idols that he aspires to surpass, Guild Master Traydor being one of them. He has a good set of moral code that he lives by and will not break them for any reason. He can act a little rash at times, relying too much on emotions and not enough on reason, but he is a nice guy and always means well. He also loves to fight, and has been training his whole life for when he can finally enter a guild. He is embarrassed by his cat ears and he tried to hide them if he can. He says they are too cute looking for a warrior and that no one takes him seriously with them.

History: Eoleo keeps most of his past hidden, even going as far as to not reveal his last name for fear of someone recognizing it. He would prefer to leave it all in the past and move on. Ever since he had left home at the age of seven he has been living in Astrub. He has moved from home to home, living with many different families. He has never been a burden on any of them since he always worked hard to pay his way. Whenever he would leave each family would have nothing but nice words to say about him. Once he reached the age of 14 had enough money saved up to get a little place on his own. It was a run down one room apartment but it was cheap and he was happy. From then on he did nothing but work and train for when he would finally be old enough to join Albus Crux.

Style/Power(s): Eoleo fights using a pistol artifact. His fighting style is mid to close range combat. He figures the closer he is to his target the less likely he is to miss. He is very acrobatic, which helps in hand to hand combat. The only power he was born with is something he calls Probability. He has no control over it and it only happens whenever he has to make a choice and it only sometimes. Luck will swing in his favor when this power activates. He knows when it’s happening because it feels like dice rattling in his head.

Artifact(s): Shiro Suzume (White Sparrow): A pistol artifact with an ability called Magic Bullet. This artifact channels the user’s magical energy into bullet form and then releases it in a burst. It can also reconstruct the energy to allow the bullets to have different effects. Most of these abilities are unknown to Eoleo, as he can only fire normal energy bullets and a few elemental bullets at the moment. It is supposed to have evolutionary capabilities, but Eoleo can’t figure it out.

Guild Status: Eoleo is not a member of Albus Crux, but he is going to participate in the upcoming entrance exams.

Cast List:

Eoleo ??????? (xofayox) Guild Affiliation: Albus Crux
Illidia Covantes (talith) Guild Affiliation: Albus Crux
Viela (SilverAmphithere) Guild Affiliation: Albus Crux
Somerled Carter (Capwi) Guild Affiliation: Albus Crux
Maximillien Kazzjourn (iHarakirii) Guild Affiliation: Umbra Gear
Alexis Rashida (Alissiya) Guild Affiliation: Umbra Gear
Leroy (formulamonster) Guild Affiliation: None
Corr Bronson (Klicked) Guild Affiliation: Albus Crux
Stalren Descant (J-Bizzle) Guild Affiliation: Umbra Gear
Yii Cheto (-Travis-) Guild Affiliation: Albus Crux
Ezo Taleon (Jon-E-Jay) Guild Affiliation: Albus Crux
Tildaor Temsik (Nepaethe) Guild Affiliation: Kabuki Mask
Serya Woltres (prepare-to-die) Guild Affiliation: Albus Crux

NPC Cast List:

Albus Crux Affiliations:
Rangor: Male Osamodas/Pandawa, close friend of Corr.
Aria: Female Feca, non-combatant with fragile mental state. A mechanic within the guild.
Lyra: Female Sram/Feca, high ranked guild member with a bit of an attitude. Acts as the guilds psychiatrist.
Tai: Male Iop/Sacrier, high ranked guild member who loves to fight.
Flora Rivera: Female Eniripsa/Sadida, high ranked guild member. One of Palin Traydors confidants.
Sarval Tarkin: Male Sram/Xelor, high ranked guild member. One of Palin Traydors confidants.

Umbra Gear Affiliations:
Roth: Alexis's partner/mentor.
Terra Bound: Maximillien's partner/mentor.

Kabuki Mask Affiliations:
Erase : Male Sadida/Iop, teammate of Tilador.
Oksana: Female Osa/Feca, teammate of Tilador.

Other Affiliations:
Vertigo: Male Iop/Cra, mysterious man associated with Vielas past.
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This seems pretty cool. I'll post a Bio up in just a bit, but I have to point out.. You read a lot of Fairy Tail, amirite?

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couple questions. first, does 'evolutionary capabilities' mean they act like livi items? second, would it be possible for my character to personally know Traydor? third, if yes to two, is it alright if i collaborate that into her history?
for now i'll assume yes to all so i can get my profile posted XD its easier to edit later than trust IE to retain typed stuff if it crashes.
edit: and how long has Traynor been guild leader? forgot to ask that

sheesh, copy/paste sucks on the forum now.
Name: Illidia Covantes (thats a capital i btw)
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Class: Cra/rogue
Appearance: 'Lidia stands at 5'3" and a featherlight 132 lbs. Over the years she has adopted clothing that exudes sexuality, and at the same time is functional to allow her to complete missions. All black leather, her outfit consists of; boots that reach high on her thighs, fitted shorts/skirt that are just long enough for modesty with various loops around the waist, and a top that leaves her stomach and lower back bare. Her hair is a sharply contrasting white and kept in a tight braid. On her lower back is a tattoo of a spiral fractal, one arm reaching down to her butt, and the other two arms reaching up to her shoulderblades.
Personality: Quiet, friendly, and peaceful, 'Lidia has a tendency to "mother" the younger guild members, and does not hesitate to discipline rule-breakers. This has led to her being considered a mentor within the guild, and care she feels for the youger ones runs deep enough that she clashes with the guild members who assign missions to them that end with them injured.
History: Illidia has lived on the streets since she was twelve, when her theft of an artifact resulted in her being cast out of her family. For the next 4 years she roamed the three Cities, stowing aboard trains when moving to a new city. In that time, she learned more about herself and the artifact in her possession, Incendi Cordis. It was not long before she realized it was, in a sense, growing with her, learning about her as much as she learned about it. Finally, at the age of 16, she decided to join a guild, and Albus Crux was the one that caught her attention. It was really Traydore that caused her interest, after attempting to steal money from him and getting caught. Those two sentences he first spoke to her changed her life. Since then she's remained one of his friends, working her way through the guild until she settled in her current place as both mentor and mother.
Their friendship nearly ended in her 4th year with the guild when one of the youngest members at the time died on a routine assignment. He had been the one to give the assignment, and she confronted him amid a storm of grief. She stays quiet on what happened, but the very real attempt to harm him make her wary around him now. Almost predictably, she's now the one responsible for training and deploying the youngest guild members.
 Style/Power(s): A strong close combat fighter, Illidia uses a pair of long daggers, the artifact Incendi Cordis, and wields them with deadly precision. She also wields a Power she refers to as simply Threshhold. It unconsciously triggers in high-stress combat, causing a massive influx of adrenaline as well as slowing down the apparent passage of time. This allows her to react faster to what's happening and accomplish feats normally improbable for her. She can only hold this state for about 30 seconds before delayed reactions catch up and cause her to fall out of it. The delayed reactions are amplified results of what she does while in the state; sharp movements causing torn tendons, or throwing a war sword meant for an iop like a dagger, resulting in ripped muscles. Very rarely will she come out of this state without an injury, and has to consciously work to keep it suppressed when training recruits. She is also gifted with a small 'pool' of untapped energy that allows her to use artifacts a bit longer than normal.
Artifact(s): Incendi Cordis (Fire Heart): An artifact that consists of 2 daggers, Fire Heart has the latent ability to burn what it touches when handled by Illidia, but its true ability is to absorb surrounding materials and add to its own, reconstructing its physical form to fit her commands.
Guild Status: Known member of Crux. Length of membership is estimated to be near 8 years, exact is unknown except to the upper echelons of the guild. Exact guild rank is debated, though she does mentor new recruits who have a penchant for close quarters combat. Guild mission roles are infiltrator- and scout-type.

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Hope this is alright. I just wanted an excuse to use this character again.

Name: Viela. Surname unknown.

Age: 16

Gender: Female, bisexual.

Class: Sacrier/Osamodas

Appearance: Viela's appearance is best explained as ruffled. Her hair, shoulder length and brown with choppy layers, tends to defy gravity, somewhat held back by a typical Sacrier bandanna, which holds the guild logo on a background of dark grey. Her ears are long and pointed, and an outlet for much of her expression - drooping when she's sad, perked when she's excited, flattened when she's angry, and so on. Her eyes are ochre, flecked with light amber, and glow white-silver when she casts a spell. Her nose and cheeks are dotted with freckles. She wears a tight-fitting white tank top and ragged, loose pants, with a belt made of silver feathers. In the back of the pants, there is a hole for her Osamodas tail, which is unusually long and strong enough to support her weight for a short amount of time. As is usual for a Sacrier, her face and upper torso is adorned with a tattoo. Unusually, the tattoo changes shape and size depending on the spell she is using, but often takes the form of a lightning bolt on her left cheek, and wind-like patterns down her left arm.

Personality: Viela has a very quirky personality, sometimes laughing at the wrong time during a conversation, being late to get a joke, or not speaking at all. She has the awkward habit of talking to herself a lot, which makes some think that she isn't all there. When around others, she tries to act at least somewhat mature, but has her naive moments. Her mind is constantly open to new ideas, and she holds a severe hatred against any who keep their minds closed, but this means that she can sometimes lack confidence in her own ideas and resolutions. Her nature is fickle, making it difficult to stick to any one project.

History: Growing up in a family of professional dragoturkey breeders on the edge of Bonta, Viela was generally happy as a kid, though she felt weighed down by her ties to friends and family. On the day after her 14th birthday, she faked her death and ran to explore the world, knowing that her parents wouldn't understand her desire to travel and explore. She guild-hopped for a little while, having an insignificant part in almost all of them at some point, before landing in Albus Crux and deciding to stay. Her past means that she has connections in each guild, though whether they love her or hate her varies depending on their attitude about deserters.

Style/Power(s): Due to a lack of physical strength, Viela relies heavily on agility, speed and magic to take down her enemies. Her Power, an extension of the Sacrier's spell Assault, is the ability to generate electricity and loose at at will, though it always takes a charge-up, e.g. clicking her fingers for a spark. This power is a double-edged sword, however; any extreme of emotion will activate it. For example, she could just be having a good old rant at someone, and out of nowhere she'll start to crackle with static and possibly electrocute whoever's nearby. This makes even simple social exchanges like a hug or a handshake almost out of the question.

Artifact(s): Argentum Penna: A small metal feather that she usually keeps in her hair. When she pulls it out and jump-starts it with a small electric charge, it glows and forms a pair of large, feathered steampunk wings, allowing her to fly. It takes up life force for her to ascend or accelerate, but if she simply glides, next to no energy is used. The wings are very fragile, and a single knock can cause them to snap, as well as the feathers demanding constant maintenance.

Guild Status: A member of Albus Crux, but not often heard from. She's been around for a few years, everyone knows of her, but almost no one knows her. She will always appear to defend perceptors but disappears just as quickly.

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Dark guilds, mission boards, sounds a lot like fairy tail (the manga). anyway, i'll full in my character sheet when I have the time.

edit: woops, Travis already pointed it out.

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Name: Somerled Carter

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Class: Cra/Osamodas

Appearance: Somerled is of average height. His almond-shaped, black eyes, filled with intelligence, look out on the world under a head of sooty-black hair. Lithe and lean in build, he has the supple  muscles of a dancer under his golden skin. He has a stubborn chin, which is a good indicator of his personality.

Personality: Mostly quiet, he doesn’t speak up much. He’s fairly open-minded, and always interested in new weaponry. He’s a little mule-headed once he thinks he’s right about something, and takes a fair bit of convincing otherwise. Somerled enjoys games and intellectual pursuits, and is a bit arrogant about his intelligence at times.

History: Raised on a farm in Eastern Amakna, he helped out by hunting. He’d been taught his skills with bow and crossbow by his grandfather. His father died when he was eight, gored by a boar out in the forests on a hunting trip, leaving Somerled's mother to manage the farm. He’s the oldest amongst his three siblings, and has a fierce rivalry with Aly, a sister who's but a year younger than him, and as good a shot. At the age of sixteen, he headed for Astrub in the hope of joining a major guild, so as to better support his family’s farm.

Style/Power(s): Somerled is able to speak to animals, and they to him. It's a quirk he's learned not to mention, lest people think him insane. He's fair proficient with bow, sling and crossbow, despite the advent of guns, as they were cheaper to make, and thus more readily available in the
village in which he grew up.

Artifact(s): A pack that's bigger on the inside

Guild Status: A non-member, he aims to join it before the end of his sixteenth year.

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-Travis--|2011-01-16 05:02:50
This seems pretty cool. I'll post a Bio up in just a bit, but I have to point out.. You read a lot of Fairy Tail, amirite?

Exactly what I was thinking xD
I'll post a bio later, I need to go somewhere
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-Travis--|2011-01-16 05:02:50
This seems pretty cool. I'll post a Bio up in just a bit, but I have to point out.. You read a lot of Fairy Tail, amirite?
 I was wondering how long it would take for someone to notice... apparently not long. Yes Fairy Tail is one of my favorite mangas, and when I was trying to think up how the guild system was going to work in this rp I decided to use theirs since it seems to work well. The dark guilds came as an after thought. I originally just had a small group as the main villains in the story, but that seemed unlikely after I had made almost an army of guilds. XD

Yes Talith master Traydor is a pretty social person, so it is entirely possible that your character knew him in her past. Whether or not the artifacts act like livitinems was something I was considering, but couldn't decide on. I suppose some of them could, mainly the ones that form a bond with the owner. Traydor has been the guild leader of Albus Crux for about ten years. And yes the new copy/paste system is horrible now. It messed me up so much when I was making my post. >.>

Looking good everyone.
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the "dark guilds" actually reminded me of the Dimir house from the Ravnica block of MTG. Dimir is a guild that 'supposedly' exists yet everyone denied its existence, labeling it a fairy tale of sorts.

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Dammit, I had a bio done but lost internet connection before I posted it and lost it. I'll try to get a bio up tomorrow.

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Name; Maximillien (Maxi) Kazzjourn
Race; Ecaflip


Gender; Male

Appearance; Your average run of the mill Ecaflip, although due to either a curse or a blessing, he was born pink. Other than the pink fur, he has hazel eyes. Athletic build, but a height of only 5"7 and weights about 140 lbs. He wears a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and buttoned up to the 2nd button from the top. He wears tight jeans which tuck into a pair of white shoes. His jeans are separated from his shirt with a white leather belt.

Personality; Calm and collective, but also talkative. Maxi is the kind of team member that is always cracking jokes and trying to make others laugh and giggle, even in the middle of a large fight.

History; Maxi was often beaten by his father and unloved by his mother. He grew up as a misfit, mainly because of his color, but that didn't stop him from making friends with various people. Maxi ran away from his home when he was 13, and has been a street urchin, with a knack for acrobatics and swordplay. As agile as he is, he has often been told by local vendors that he would make an amazing thief. Maxi has though about becoming one, but his morals go against it.

As he grew older, he began to become interested in the guilds that many kids his age were talking about. He studied the various guilds, and then decided that he would venture down to Brakmar and partake in the Umbra Gear exams.

Style; Grace and fluidity is how Maxi plays. He draws awe from the spectators that gather around his various street fights and duels. His sword slices through the air, creating a whistling sound as he swings his blade. He immerses spectators in a deep serenity when he twirls his daggers about, lulling his opponent into a calm serenity before he dies.

Artifact; Ace of Hearts. Bewitched by a crazy voodoo Sadida, the poker card has been by Maxi's side since he ran away from home. Bloodletting , as the card was named, often gives Maxi inspiration to fight. Almost as she were his lucky charm, she guides Maxi through the various perils he has encountered and will encounter.

Guild; None. Aspiring to become a member of Umbra Gear. Maximillien believes you can't have total order without a little chaos.

Hope this appeals to you. If not, I can change it a little.

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Harakiri, I like you bio but it does bring up one issue. I was planning on having everyone be a part of Albus Crux, but the thought of allowing you guys to be a part of a different guild if you wanted has crossed my mind multiple times. While I would love to give you all the freedom of choosing which guild to be a part of, Im afraid that it would make things very complicated. The main reason for posting descriptions about the different guilds was because there members would be recurring characters as either allies, enemies, competition, ect. Multiple guilds doing missions together is not unheard of, but the opportunity does not open itself often. The main problem is I don't want to have to separate one person from the group.

I think this is something that needs to be discussed. We could make it work, and I could easily incorporate it in the story. What do you guys think?

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Maybe if some (half?) people went in one guild and the others in the other, it could work.

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The idea of the rp is to just have fun. I encourage people to create there own story and at times even go off on there own or with a a small group. We don't always have to be stuck in a little group together. People in guilds do missions by themselves, or with only one or two people at times. I also want everyone to create a good cast of NPCs that will play major roles within the story. Perhaps Harakiri would be able to be a part of Umbra Gear if someone else joined. I would just need them to keep in touch with me if they want to make any big moves within the story.

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Ah ok, I was just thinking I'd partake in Umbra. It appealed to me the most x]

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I could go in Umbra with him, it appeals more to me too.

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Mr.Fox.... its not too over the top is it? I got carried away... tongue
And... My grammar is possibly horrendous... My word processor won't let me use it anymore D:

Name: Alexis Rashida

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Class: Saddia/Sacrier

Appearance: She is 5'' 10' around 128 pounds, her build is slender enough to see multiple bones at a glance. She doesn't possess a lot of muscle but her slender form serves to emphasize them. Alexis' hair is cut short on the sides with the middle as a five inch tall Mohawk with her hair color being a bright orange hue contrasting with her bright green eyes. Her skin is dark brown with a multitude of scars, stitches and tattoos covering her body, even her face. Upon her feet are dark brown, calf length, leather boots plated with bright silver metal; her hands are in matching gloves, extending to her elbows. Alexis is usually seen wearing a sleeveless chain mail shirt and a pair of tattered pants which she tucks into her boots. She has a pair of shaded goggles hanging around her neck which she uses to shield her eyes from bright light.

Personality: To put it simply, she likes to see others in pain and often throws insults, laughing every time she makes someone cry. Subject to fits of rage, she is short tempered and won't think twice about hurting someone. As a matter of fact, she enjoys hurting people, often torturing when she feels the need, though she deeply regrets murder and hates killing. Alexis is extremely prideful and won't forgive anyone who dares to insult her skills which has lead to a number of missing persons...

History: Alexis grew up in a cold, un-loving home. She was constantly trained and forced to starvation on multiple occasions if she failed her training. Her father taught her how to use her powers and her mother taught her to kill with them. Alexis was taught to be proud of her powers and to believe herself better than everyone as she was the only child of four to have them. Is is believed her parents were training her for something but no one knows as they disappeared when she was 13. She and her three brothers were placed in the care of her strict grandparents who would beat and torture them if they did something wrong. At the age of 19 she killed her grandparents, her brothers saw her in the act, mindlessly laughing and even continuing to stab away at them long after death. Her brothers, in the days afterward, convinced the militia to come investigate the murder. They were unprepared to the brutal ambush Alexis had planned and, along with her powerless brothers, the three militia men, members of the Lux Gear, were killed; she then left her hometown of Bonta leaving no traces of her ever being there.

Style/Power(s): While she is not physically strong, her prized power is over dolls. The dolls she uses are crafted by her and their powers are a direct result of her will, often being able to poison or cause explosions, their power is limited only by her imagination; she is often seen talking to them as if having conversation, thought they cannot be heard talking back, an oddity that her parents think may have been a spirit inhabiting the dolls. Alexis is frail and can't take many punches but instead of being hurt she seems to only get angrier. She keeps four daggers clipped to her belt.

Artifact(s): Bone Needles and Blood Thread: The needle comes from under her skin, a fragment of bone, and can be controlled with her will, stitching anything she wishes quickly. The thread is made from her blood, seemingly unbreakable, it takes whatever quality she wants; for example it can become razor sharp, a quality she used to slice her brothers and the militia men apart, leading them to bleed to death. The artifact itself is a small silver orb hidden inside her body, next to her heart, a gift given by her mother and father when she turned 10. The orb sometimes vibrates resulting in random fits of rage.

Guild Status: Led by one of her dolls, she found herself at the doors of the Umbra Gear hall where she awaits her entrance exam.

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Actually, would it be possible to be in a dark guild? Or I'm part of Umbra Gear, but I'm actually a spy.

Anyway, my bio:

Name: Leroy

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Class: Xelor/iop

Appearance: Leroy looks like a xelor, but is tall and has big muscles. He also has an earring and PAIN tatooed onto his knuckles.
Personality: Leroy is crazy. He has delusions, multiple personnalities and does not know what is right or wrong.

History: When he was two, his parents, who were part of the bandit clan, were taken by the militia. The rest of the bandit clan adopted him, and he has lived with them  in astrurb forest, mugging lumberjacks, and sometimes killing...

Style/Power(s): Although Leroy fights with a swords; his xelor part will make him disable the opponent by cutting their legs and arms off, or disarming them, before he strikes for the kill.

Artifact(s): He has a stone, that he stole from a traveller. He does not know what it does, but he only went mad the day he got it...
Guild Status: Leroy is a member of Umbra gear.

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-Bio post-

Also, xof, respect for the name of Umbra Gear's leader smile. So nice and wrong.

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Name: Corr Bronson

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Appearance: He looks as any other Feca except he has a tell-tale Pandawa tail and ears covered up by his mess of hair. Standing at 5" 11', he has an average build, not thin but not muscled either. He has a dark brown coat and pants splattered with bronze patches where they had to be stitched up. He also has tattered black mud-caked boots. On his hands, he wears brown gloves with the knuckles plated in metal for fighting. He almost always has a lopsided smile plastered on his face. He has green eyes and light brown hair.

Personality: He is a natural loud-mouth not knowing when to be quiet. He is drunk most of the times yet can normally speak with no slurring, common with his Pandawa counterpart. The only time he is not drunk is during missions where he wants to sober up so people take him seriously. Because he wants to go against his childhood loneliness, he warms up quickly to stranger due to his friendly nature, no matter if they're evil or not. He is quick to help in situations not matter how difficult they may be. He is also an  over-achiever.

History: He was raised in a happy-go-lucky, go-with-the-flow enviroment but he was never cared for by his parents. They didn't even acknowledge he existed when he grew older. The only time he was cared for was when he was a young child. He was raised in a small cottage in the the middle of the woods with no outside reach or influence. His parents set out everyday to who knows here and came back everyday drunk. They would go straight to bed and wake up the next morning with a hangover and repeated the process. Corr got annoyed with them and their location so one day he set out into the woods. While tripping through the woods he stumbled upon Astrub. He became a street rat and usually lurked in the taverns, conning beer out of the patrons. Resulting from this habit, he got into fights a lot and usually got banned from the taverns if the fight was too rough. One day he overheard two people talking about a guild named Albus Crux. He needed a house because he was always getting banned from the taverns and guilds have guild houses so what better way! By some miracle, he passed the exam and was welcomed into Albus Crux where he made a close group of friends.

Style/Power(s): Corr usually use his artifact, Bushido Blade, to fight but if he is out of energy he uses his metal-plated knuckles to fight which can easily knock someone unconscious. Due to being drunk, he sways and stumbles during fights making him a pesky kill due to his unpredictability. He is strong at close-range but terrible at long-range even with his artifact. He also keeps a small bottle of poison tied to his belt so he can dip his weapon into it. The poison is highly toxic and can kill a Kaniger in only a few minutes. He can also feed off his energy for a major power and adrenaline boost during fights.

Shields; Corr can also generate light brown shields. He spreads out his finger and flings his arms out to either side of him generating the shield for a specific amount of time. The more shields he has and the stronger they are the less time they last before they flicker out.

Artifact(s): Bushido Blade; He can conjure a naginata (staff with curved blade), katana, and throwing stars out of thin air. Only when he is creating the weapons is he using energy but when they are completely solid he doesn't use any energy unless he wants to switch weapons. It takes only a couple of seconds for the weapon to come into existence but when they are forming they are ghostly where people can walk through them breaking the weapon creation process.

Guild Status:
He has been in Albus Crux about 3 years and has earned the title drunkard
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