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The Alliance(OOC/Signups)

By fireballs-attack February 06, 2011, 06:22:11

So around three months ago a I created an RP called The Alliance with pretty much the exact same concept and storyline, except I fiddled around with the details a little. I don't have a limit of characters just yet but I will close signups once I start the RP. Please keep in mind I want this RP to have medium to long posts but that doesn't mean every post has to be 5 paragraphs long and without mistakes. Please post any comments, questions or advice here. Thanks.
"It's coming... it cannot be stopped without the help of them... Bonta and Brakmar... unite them..."
"But what if I can't?"
"You can and you must... please... this is what I trained you and him for..."
"You can't mean-"
"Yes... you must get the time traveler... go my apprentice... go or Twelve may not survive..."
"Yes, master."
"Go... Helkias... this will be the last you may see of me..."
The land is growing well and the harvest has never been better, but if you think it's going to be a peaceful year you won't believe how much you're wrong. Even for the world of Twelve this year will be crazy, too crazy. This new threat has taken control of all the Dofus and will destroy the gods unless you get help. From, whom, you might ask? From the two major cities, Bonta and Brakmar of course! But to do that, they must have an alliance even a temporary one to destroy this new threat. Mal!
- No godmodding
- No controlling of other people's characters.
- Grammer and Spelling: You don't have to be perfect just don't talk in txt tlk and use no grammer at all.
- When you can no longer participate, kill yourself(in the RP not in real life): Lucky rose from the ground to finish off the beaten enemy but just as he moved his sword, something flashed and his eyes rolled over as he fell to the ground dead, because of a dagger in his heart.
- Try to have atleast a paragraph in each post.
- Have fun!
- Read the rules.
Character Sheet:
Age: (Ten year olds don't go fight evil demons that can destroy immortals. 16-31)
Gender: (Pretty obvious)
Class: (Hybrids are allowed, Srams are not made of bones, and classes are races)
Appearance: (Three sentences minimum, I just want a basic mental image of your character)
Personality: (Optional, many roleplayers like their character's personality to be revealed in the RP)
History: (Optional, but if you include it, maybe a character from your past will show up in the storyline!)
Fighting Style: (Optional)
Weapon: (Only if your character uses a weapon)
Other Stuff: (anything else)
Name: Ardan Arievn
Age: Can't really tell but around 16 going by what he says but he travels through time so much the next time you meet him he might be 9 or 29 or 98.
Gender: Male
Class: Xelor/Sacrier
Appearance: White bandages around his pale arms. Pale skin with a few bandages wrapped around his body. Sacrier pants with barefeet at the bottom. Black bandages around his hands and face. No bandages over his eyes or mouth. A white and dark blue Sacrier bandana. A Moowolf cape that's torn and slightly darker than usual. He carries a hammer in a belt like a Gobball belt but black instead of white.
Personality: You can't find out much about him even when with him for a long time. His face is like an emotionless mask that covers the rest of the emotions. Under that. A cautious mind that tends to use logic when faced with problems but relies on his instincts for other stuff, such as fighting, hunting, and running from someone.
History: (Might add this later)
Fighting Style: (I want to keep this a secret for now but I'll add this later)
Weapon: A stone hammer with unidentified gems around the hilt. It's about the size of a staff with a hammer about the size of two bricks. Other than that not much is known about it unless you can get the answers from Ardan himself.
Important NPCs: Helkias-Xelor/Cra-Wears basic Cra clothes and is covered with bandages. Uses a bow made of chestnut and ash wood.

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Name: Damos Ikirien

Age: Probably 17-21.
Gender: Male

Class: Sacrier

Appearance: His arms are scarred by the violent creatures of the night. His hair is a ragged black, his eyes as grey as nothingness. He occasionally wears the traditional Sacrier's Bandana, but prefers not to wear it. He wears no shirt, sometimes a hooded cape, masking his identity.

Personality: He prefers to keep to himself. He has many enemies but no friends.

History: Damos was born by unknown parents. Raised by wolves, he has bloodthirsty anger in him, to avenge the 'one'.

Fighting Style: Water, Sacrificial Blood (Close Combat) He can sometimes manipulate his anger and turn it into energy. He may not have the flight of a Xelor, but he has athleticism that matches one like an ecaflip.

Weapon: Bloodblade (Bloodblade is a sword made by water and his own blood, no known effects)

Other Information: He has decided to turn his selfish ways (still pending)

Alignment: Neutral, Renegade.
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Can I reuse my old character from this RP?

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Yes, you can.

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Name: Rhuarc Taardad

Class: Osamoda

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rhuarc is slightly larger than most Osamodas. He stands at a height of 5'11 and has a muscular build. He has dark, short, uneven hair due to the fact that he has always cut it himself. A large scar lies across his left cheek at a diagonal. He has very strong, rugged features with light blueish gray eyes that always appear to be half shut. The many scars covering his body are mostly hidden behind a torn up brown vest and a worn out pair of dark brown pants. Rhuarc also wears leather bracers that wrap around his entire forearms with small flexible sheets of steel in between the leather, which is used for defense against bladed weapons.

Personality: Due to his past Rhuarc has grown to trust no one except for himself. If he can he will walk around a large city instead of through. Most people fear him for his appearance, and on more than one occasion he has been falsely accused of crimes and chased out due to it. He may seem rude at times and will push those who try to get close to him away, but if you are able to earn his trust you will have a strong, loyal companion for life. Use to working alone he will sometimes act without talking it over with the group. He is often mistaken for being all muscle and no brains, but due to his animal instincts Rhuarc is always assessing the situation and will act accordingly.

History: Will be reveled in story.

Fighting Style: When it comes to summoning Rhuarc is as bad as they come. Struggling to even keep two summons out at a time he has learned to let his fist do the work. Rhuarc is although special, he has an Osamoda trait thought to be long lost in the history books. He has the power to take on the traits of the summons. These traits will slightly improve a physical ability and to some extent his physical appearance. Ex. Trait of the Tofu: Rhuarc's legs alter in shape and size, and his running speed is almost doubled. Extended use of the ability will begin to take a toll on his body, causing him to become extremely exhausted.

Weapon: Uses his fist. Leather bracers with steel sheets act as shield.

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I've been lurking this one for a while... you need more people.. so here :3

Name: Tilah Glimmer
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Class: Xelor
Appearance: She is average height for a xelor, coming up to 5'' 3' tall weighing around 120 pounds. Her body is completely covered in pure white bandages, leaving space for her eyes and mouth and leaving her dark lavender bob cut hair exposed. Tilah wears hooded robes that are bright white with sky blue stitching and a pale gold clock embroidered on the front. Most often she wears the hood up, her bright green eyes often glaring from its shadowy depths. She detests physical activity is often levitates an inch off the ground.

Personality: Everything must be in order, rules must not be broken; Tilah prides herself on enforcing the rules and maintaining standards. Every award for good conduct only makes her become more strict on her rules, more prideful. She posses no friends, seeing others only as accidents waiting to happen, future criminals; she has developed a small following that has regular club meetings. Most call her a cut throat or a rat, doing things only for herself, but if they were following the rules, they wouldn't end up getting turned into the militia would they?

History: Tilah is the eldest of 4 brothers and 2 sisters, which she essentially raised, by 7 years. Her father was always shut in his laboratory, trying to tap into the secrets of magics and the like; Her mother worked for the local tavern and would often come home and pass out drunk only to wake up the next day, leave early, and do the same again. All of her siblings have left the house and prefer to distance themselves from her. (More to reveal)

Fighting Style: Living in a large house and raising children, whilst adhering to her father's occasional calls for materials, she has learned to teleport and levitate very effectively. This has also trained her to manipulate time in a multitude of ways be it to slow down a wrestling match of her brothers or to hasten her sleeping; she has not mastered the art of stopping time and has been feverently researching the subject. Tilah cannot take a blow of any sort, she's suffered many broken bones, bruises, and cuts from even soft hits; she relies heavily on teleporting to avoid physical contact.

Weapon: She is very weak in body, often exhausted after running short distances. She's never touched a weapon of any sort.

Alignment (right?): Bonta

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