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By Giga-Biga-Bowser - SUBSCRIBER - April 14, 2012, 23:40:37
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As Ihop dashed up the stairs, he saw a rather confused Feca standing still, staring at him. He came to a halt and listened to the Feca's question. '“So, what happened here?”' was what that imbecile had asked him. Ihop, taking advantage to this situation, was willing to tell a little white lie.

Quickly, Ihop changed his expression from determined and furious to scared and fearful. "C-can't you tell? A giant Kralove has attacked the fortress and it's sinking! It already crashed the northwest side of the temple, so the only answer is to sink the rest of the temple! We need to sink the beast!" He wiped of some blood off of his cheek (it wasn't his!) to hide the fact that he caused all the ruckus. Ihop began to run off, but turned around to give orders to the fool. "Down each flight of stairs is a lever. What you need to do is pull the lever down to submerge that section of the temple. Well, I'm off to the southwest section, go head west if you wish to save the World of Twelve!"

After gaining some distance, Ihop began to laugh out loud at the preposterous story he made up. How could anybody fall for that? he thought, falling to the ground. He caught his breath and wiped a tear off of his face, exhaling and standing up. Softly chuckling, Ihop walked over to the next lever so that he could kill that miserable Feca through drowning.

Ihop descended the stairs and passed through the steamy chambers of the underground passageways of the Foggernaut temple. Constantly, though, he glanced back to see if the Feca had been following him, but he had seen nothing. When he reached the next lever, he contemplated whether or not he should do this. But, as always, he just said "Meh", and yanked the lever down, only to be thrown off by the unbalance of the temple.

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((OOC: I'm unsure if there are any Ravens/Amaknian Guards in this Sufokian sub-plot, but if there aren't please correct me. xD I will just change the post a bit.))

Ekko teetered on the balls of his calloused feet again. The Iop was in the next room now he knew. The Devil of Brakmar they called him. The Sacrier was in hot pursuit of the warrior for quite some time. Many instances almost forced him to blow his cover, each time the Feca girl was in danger, the Pandawa's fall. But no fatalities were suffered, fortunately. So the young man waited. The underwater passageway soothed his nerves, the beauty of the clean ocean around him kept fresh in his mind the reason that he was here.

He knew Iops. Fast, and very fierce with their blows; Brakmarian 'Yops were twice as ruthless. Ekko also knew his own capabilities. He too, was fast, and Sacrier's Blood flowed deep in his veins. The warrior could take a hit, that was sure. The Sacrier was also smart. His mind was as quick as his body, Eugene nurtured that skill in him early in his life.

Would it be enough? Ekko gave himself a quick nod of assurance. This is what he was trained for. He heard another level click in the doorway and was ready for the next seismic anomaly. Feet spread and knees bent, he stood his ground with new determination. Ekko uttered a prayer to Sacrier with his right and left hands clenched around invisible weapons. Black specks of metal materialized in his palms before he released his grip. The specks hovered in the air between his hands and the floor and quickly expanded into twin obsidian free-floating swords. The black sabers vibrated restlessly until Ekko's will caught firm their hilts. He compelled the tips of the blades to focus on the door that the Iop would exit from shortly.

Come now, Devil. Let's see who's blood runs stronger.

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The arrow had finally finished charging but a new problem had arisen, the Iop had lost interest in the young Pandawa and went on to reek havoc elsewhere while Irei had been charging it. Rather than wasting all her hard work she chose to move on with the bow drawn, even if that would be risky to her own safety, or even worse, her stealth. Moving along the cold, hard roofs of the buildings, Irei surveyed the field, looking for the Iop she'd lost during her strenuous session of charging, in vain. He'd been long gone, far longer than she'd originally thought.

Hope soon shone as a well-armed Feca entered the fray. Choosing to follow him, deciding he may be an ally of the Brakmarian Devil; he was awfully out of place in this scenario. Irei followed him down the main hall where he met with the Iop she'd been searching for. Irei quickly hid to eavesdrop on their conversation. Either he was clueless or he was in cahoots with the Brakmarian scourge.

“So, what happened here?” the Feca said.

Clearly clueless. Irei didn't want to watch the ensuing bloodshed, so she turned her head.

"C-can't you tell? A giant Kralove has attacked the fortress and it's sinking! It already crashed the northwest side of the temple, so the only answer is to sink the rest of the temple! We need to sink the beast!" the Iop replied, clearly a lie, before running off down the hall. Luckily, he passed by Irei without seeing her. Choosing to not risk being revealed, she hid in the shadows; right on time because the Ihop had now turned around.

The beast now had a frantic look on his face, "Down each flight of stairs is a lever. What you need to do is pull the lever down to submerge that section of the temple. Well, I'm off to the southwest section, go head west if you wish to save the World of Twelve," he announced, before finally running down the hall.

Choosing to trust the Feca, as he was clearly clueless, Irei slinked down the hallways slowly, following the path of the Iop. As she drew near the corner, she could hear the Iops laughs but they quickly stopped; the Iop had gotten to business. Waiting a few seconds before looking around the corner, Irei tightened her bowstring and turned it rapidly. All for naught, the Iop had long since gone down the stairs covered in steam. A dangerous setting, yet, nevertheless, a beneficial one for an assassin of her stature. The steam provided cover and lowered visibility.

Now was the perfect time to fire the charged arrow. Irei aimed carefully down the thin, steamy hallway and fired the arrow. The shot was greeted by the temple shaking, the Iop was up to no good again.

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Ihop’s body was flung backward several feet from the deflation of the supports holding up the temple. Following his descent to the stone, cold floor, was his cape. He watched as the torn, mahogany cloth glided in the wind, how he fell from something as puny as that. With a shrieking sound and a bright flash, the cape was incinerated by an arrow which was planned to hit him.

He fell to the ground only so that he would roll back and land on his feet. He took a whiff of the air, but the steam and fog cloaked the scent of the Cra. Even if I could smell it, a true assassin would never smell like anything, except maybe death. Hmm, death sounds pretty good. I think I should start to reek of death. Maybe hit the alchemist market for some death deodorant? Later, after all, there is someone hunting you. PAY ATTENTION!

A hiss of steam nearly burned Ihop’s face. “WILL YOU SHUT THE HELL UP IN THERE? Damn brain, being irrelevant. Another pipe let loose and hissed hot air at his boots, which warmed up to the point where he felt slight pain. “Hmm, I should probably leave. I hope that idiot is going to activate the lever. It would do me some go--”, Ihop paused as he remembered that he was being spied on by the assassin. He dashed out, constantly glancing back to look for the Cra, but stumbled on a pipe and landed on something warm and sort of like a leather. Confused as he was, Ihop got up and left back running. Was that a shoe? Unlikely! He continued to dart through the steamy caverns.

He reached the flight of stairs which he climbed and saw a Sacrier, itching for a fight. “Oh? Are you-- ah yes! Good, now where’s my pizza?” Ihop taunted him. He looked around for a pizza, though he knew he wouldn't find one. He decided to check behind the man for the pizza. “No pizza? Man the delivery must really suck!” He cackled a little.

Ihop dashed forward while behind the Sacrier, in an attempt to catch him off guard. He kicked his stomach, pummeling him into a wall. “No pizza means death, you know!”

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“Oh? Are you-- ah yes! Good, now where’s my pizza?”

This Yop, the Devil. Was he a clown or a fighter? Regardless, Ekko's guard was up. He allowed his palms to graze across the black blades, drawing early blood that developed an emerald aura. As he suspected, the warrior attacked swiftly; he found himself imbedded slightly in the thick glass of the underwater tunnel. A school of startled fish darted away from the wall. Ekko pulled himself from the surface without a word. The edges cut him a bit more, not enough to bleed him further. He gestured casually towards his foe. The black sabers focused their tips at the Iop.

“No pizza means death, you know!”


The twin blades nailed the warrior to the other side of the tunnel. Spiderweb cracks spread through the glass and a small amount of water leaked from it. Barely noticeable through the 'Yop's blood.

"I plan on taking you very seriously, Iop. But it would be foolish of you not to employ the same caution," Ekko added grimly. He knew this was only the start of the fight, but he would need to end it as quickly as he could. He knew he'd be at a disadvantage from the rumors he heard, so he'd have to out think the Devil. He brandished the Bushi'Bow and notched an arrow of air energy. The bolt was discharged with a short flurry of blossoms.

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Ihop lay pinned against the wall with two ebony blades pierced into his shoulder blades, oozing out blood. He sensed that this wasn’t a petty foe such as many weaklings he’s slaughtered in Astrub. He grinned and licked up the blood. Ihop laid a hand on one of the daggers, and removed it, splattering blood out. He continued the procedure with the other dagger, jumping down to the ground and shaking it. The arrow that was en route for Ihop had crashed into the wall and split into many pieces. His crimson hair fell over his face, which he lifted, unveiling his Cheshire grin and sadistic eyes to the Sacrier. Ihop grasped the sable knives and arose from his stance.

Putting the blade to his mouth, Ihop licked off the sanguine fluid of his own in an attempt to strike fear into his foe. He dashed forward and plunged one knife into his stomach. The man rolled behind Ekko and stabbed the other blade into his back, driving it downward. He watched as the blood exited the Sacrier, and he enjoyed the view. Ihop took out the blade that had rested in his chest as well as the one in the back so that Ekko had no useful weapon to assault him with.

“How do you like that, Sacrier?” Ihop said cockily, knowing full well how Sacriers develop. He’d injured him, but not enough for the Sacrier to brutally wound him. He motioned toward Ekko to attack him.

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“Sink the beast?” Caiden brought his hand to his chin, pondering the words of the Iop and shook his head. “Why, that’s rid...”

"Down each flight of stairs is a lever. What you need to do is pull the lever down to submerge that section of the temple. Well, I'm off to the southwest section, go head west if you wish to save the World of Twelve!" With that the Iop ran off. The Feca blinked for a second. ‘If the temple needed to be sunk then the place to do it would be the control room so that a countdown would be initiated and the temple would close off access to the outside world to avoid flooding meaning…’

The temple shook, throwing him to the ground again. “That son of…” Jumping to his feet he dashed towards the stairs leading down into the section of the temple the Iop had escaped to. As he neared the area he caught sight of the man fighting a Sacrier. He watched the fight, closely watching the Iop’s movements. ‘He’s no easy opponent that much I can tell. Even with my help, that guy may not win…’

Caiden drew his staff holding it in his left hand at lightning crackled around his right. The temple shook again, knocking him off balance once more, but he quickly caught himself and started to back away from the situation. He then remembered the soft glow from the main hall. ‘Someone else must be…’ His eyes wondered over to the crack in the tunnel that was slowly letting water into the temple.

Biting his lip he turned and headed back towards the main hall. ‘If I can get to the control room before he reaches the other levers, then I can save the temple and trap him here.’ He glanced back at the battle. ‘Us too…but if you survive until then we may have a shot at beating him together.’  

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The shaking of the temple had intensified to the point where it was near impossible to walk; clamorous sounds of stone and metal crumbling into water resonated through the chamber, and, still, the tumultuous din of battle could be recognized amid the chaos. Although she'd not completed her mission, Irei reckoned that now was a good time as ever to leave. She could not save the Foggernaut's temple but, Irei was not willing to risk going down with it. If the Brakmarian Devil was intelligent, and Irei believed he was not, as he was an Iop, he would do the same.

Irei deduced from the temples current structural integrity that it would last a good 10 minutes, she had time to escape. She nocked an arrow with an imprint of wind on its head and fired it in the opposite direction from the one she planned to go. As soon as it made contact with the ground nearby a sharp jet of air shot out from the arrow, propelling Irei out of engine room, which the Iop had been fighting in. Subtlety was no longer required and speed was needed.

Once outside the engine room, Irei weaved through the tight corridors of the worship hall, stumbling a little every time there was another tremor. Once Irei returned to where the battle between the Iop and Pandawa had taken place, Irei finally had an idea of where she was. Taking note of that the zaap had been deactivated due to the situation, Irei decided to cut through the Dopple training room, intending to use the submarine that was always posted at the entrance.

Despite the chaos surrounding the temple, it was extremely empty. Even the Dopple trainer was missing from his room. All of the followers had probably fled in terror long before the temple had started to sink. Irei hoped that the whole "fleeing in terror" did not apply to the submarine pilot as she closed in on the exit of the temple.

As she exited the temple, Irei scanned the bridge for the little submarine. What she saw was a bit surprising. The submarine was in fact there, but it was filled to the brim with the followers and workers of the temple. Outside of the submarine was it's loyal pilot, a short yet stout old man with a gray beard. His suit matched his beard in color and was littered with medals of honor. When closely inspected, one could see a dull red scar that reached from the top of his forehead to his beard, where it vanished in the mess of gray.

The old man noticed Irei, taking the pipe he'd been smoking out from his mouth. "Get in if you want to live," he grunted, a stern look on his face. "This temple ain't gonna stand much longer. Find a place on top," he ordered. Without saying a word, Irei obeyed the old man and took a place at the top of the submarine, next to several Foggernauts, all watching attentively for more survivors.

"Ah, such a sad moment for the Foggernauts," the pilot announced, "Mere weeks after finally coming out of hiding and building our own temple, it's been destroyed." He turned towards the submarine and walked towards it, his head hung low and his arms poised behind his back.

The walls of the temple began to crumble and the pilot hopped onto the submarine. "I hope this is everyone," the old man commented, disappearing into the submarine. The hatch closed behind him and the engine of the submarine started. Irei gripped onto the sides of the submarine and prepared for the ride, it was going to be a bouncy one.

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Yue had just gotten back from a sabotage mission and learned that Commander Strong was killed. Her rage was beyond boiling point. She got back just in time for someone to be recommend her was a big enough honor to her as it was. Just the thought of avenging her dear comrade made her flash a sadistic smile. She hadn't even had the time to recover but she didn't care.... She liked the pain anyway.

She knocked on the door that no one opened, tried opening the door herself and it couldn't be opened. Her annoyance with the late recommendation didn't really do too much but she did not like the idea of getting locked out. The cut on her palm hadn't been properly tended to... well she didn't tend to it.... and manipulated it to strike through the latch and open the door.

Aaaand the person who she heard was declared the temporary commandant was right in front of her but her childish smile was still painted on her face.

"Sir, my apologies for being late. I just got back from a sabotage mission and was only informed of this meeting promptly five seconds after I arrived, sir." She said in her childish voice.

Well she was childish.... But no one dared criticize her on that... Or at least the people who knew her well wouldn't.

"Commander Strong was killed.... I intend to participate even if I have not completely recovered...." She said, her voice changing to like that of a she-demon as the blood from the cut on her wound floated above and she manipulated it to form multiple blades, raising her hand, brandishing the cut on her palm in an almost childishly curious masochism.

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