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The Adventures of Krono

By nicejhe#2199 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 17, 2017, 17:05:31
Once upon a time, there is a Kid full of bandages of his body was born from Incarnam, he knew nothing about the World of Twelve. The kid talks to and take a task from villagers (npc) and he discovered, he can control a Time while doing a task, he learns everything from Incarnam, The kid got a professions at that time, He is good on Alchemy and he loves Baking a bread until the Time comes he need to leave on Incarnam to gather more Experience. a Kid asked Master Sension to bring him to Astrub, he ride on balloon and its landed on Horned Man's statue and he saw a girl near on statue, she asked him to touch the statue to warp him on temple, but the statues warped him on incarnam instead of Horned Man's Temple

to be continue..
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