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Wan Fish (One Piece Parody)

By Gunnerwolfang#2406 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 22, 2018, 12:37:03

Everything is usual in the tavern in Sakai Island. This tavern is the regular drinking place of the pirates that pillage the seas of the world of twelve. Here they boast of their adventures, their conquest and their treasures. Everyone is drinking their wits away, laughing and brawling amongst themselves.

Suddenly, a battered pirate burst inside the tavern. Deep wounds and blood covers his body. Gasping for air, he drop on the floor. In the verge of dying, he stutters in a barely audible voice, "The Wakfu Fish is real!". After saying that, he died. Upon searching his remains, the bar owner discovered his travel log. In it details his adventure and what he saw in his travels. From then on, the "The Great Pirate Age" started. The time when all pirates would go on a quest to find the Wakfu Tree and acquire a Wan Fish.

Wan Fish (Wakfu Tree Fruit)
A legendary artifact, which when eaten, would grant new sets of abilities. Legends tell that as the Great Dragon created the six dragons that give birth to the 6 Primordial Eggs, what nobody knows is that the Wakfu Goddess also created a power source in the form of the Wakfu Tree that bears Wakfu Fish fruits. While the dofus eggs grants power of destruction, the wakfu fish grants new life in the form of new abilities.

Rubber - Rubber Fish
A Wakfu Fish that grants rubber like abilities.
Decreases Water Resistance by 50%
1. Rubber Punch: A linear earth base attack that push enemy away and also push the caster back.
2. Rubber Kick: A linear earth base attack that puts the enemy in gravity state and also moves the caster forward 1 tile.
3. Rubber Headsmash: A piercing linear attack that removes 1AP.
4. Rubber Balloon: Increases resistance and pushes back enemy who attack linearly.
5. Melted Rubber: sacrifice 30% HP to increase damage by 200%
6. Rubber Berserker (Super Move): Can be cast with full AP and MP. very high damage, wide AoE, the caster ends his turn and dies in his next turn (make sure to use this to finish the fight).


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1.'In it details of his adventure and what he saw in his travels were written,from then on,the "The Great Pirate Age" started.
2.'For example.'
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