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[Community Center] (guild) Slow RPG Development Project - Barebones Info Thus Far

By Nazarbayev#6797 - SUBSCRIBER - November 17, 2021, 21:54:50
I have a goal of setting up a permanent roleplaying community on Dofus. For some time, I have been taking screenshots of maps, purchasing paddocks and houses, and even started a multilingual Fandom site, which unfortunately got taken down when I became inactive there during the pandemic.

Thus far, I have raised Community Center to level 50, and there are six Astrub houses (only five listed as part of the guild, and all open without any code, though membership in the guild is required to access chests in those houses), chosen so that f2pers can play as well, in addition to five convenience paddocks already in the guild and another held in different guild, along with many single-paddock guilds in a secondary alliance, Bonta, which will act as temporary prizes to be used by active members, though I still need to work out the details.

This is a big project, one that I have been slowly working on for two years. I have chosen this strategy of owning everything, as though I think Ankama opening an unowned instance of every house would be great, there would be no reasonable way to grant access to chests to everybody, something that is needed to leave clues and rewards, easily noted by wrapping and tagging items, a feature unfortunately still only accessible to p2pers. I also plan to restart the daily free Summoning of Arachnee spell (older players may remember fighting for this^^), for which I have already saved up enough scrolls for more than two years! That will happen when there are at least 20-30 distinct members in Community Center.

This has just been a little sample of the things that I am working on, with more details later to be added both here and on my website for the Alliance of Breeders, which I also need to update since adding so many more paddocks to that project. I am improving the options available in Dofus, all while following libertarians principles by trying to build without begging the authorities, Ankama, for everything. They built us a world, so we can discover new uses on our own.^^ -Apo

P.S. Feel free to contact me in game to join the guild.

For now, this post will be updated with new information about the project, so as not to make multitudinous posts.
30/11/2021: Addition of new guild house in Astrub.
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