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MissMarie's Guide to RP'ing on Dofus.

By mariemonster#3108 November 08, 2006, 02:01:52
Note: In this part of the forum, all post must be written from the point of view of your character...

Congratulations, you've clicked the link to this topic. That probably means you show an interest for what is currently known to be an awkward subject for most the international community--roleplaying. While this guide isn't set in stone and is by no means the last say for any techniques on how to approach the matter, it does offer some suggestions, and is aimed at giving players ideas on how to get started.

What is roleplaying?

Wikepedia says:

''In roleplaying, participants adopt and act out the role of characters, or parts, that may have personalities, motivations, and backgrounds different from their own. Roleplaying is like being in an improvisational drama or free-form theatre, in which the participants are the actors who are playing parts, and the audience.

People use the phrase "role-playing" in at least three distinct ways:

* to refer to the playing of roles generally such as in a theatre, or educational setting;
* to refer to a wide range of games including computer role-playing games, play-by-mail games and more;
* or to refer specifically to role-playing games.''

(Did you know? Roleplaying has been around for millienia. Find out more:
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What's this got to do with Dofus?

In order for Seriane to come to our servers and better events to be created, a greater sense of community involvement is needed. That's really the bottom line. In the negotiation where devs/admins/mods and players look to improve gameplay, both sides of the table have to agree that this is needed in order to further things along.

But Roleplaying's dumb. I don't wanna look like a geek.

1. You play an mmorpg. Too late.
2. This guide shows you how to roleplay without getting your gob lining dirty. In other words, keeping your cool and still enjoying the game you subscribed to.

Because a lot of readers may already be familiar with this and want to know different things than others, some things you may want to skip. I'll try to make this guide as inclusive as possible.
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Adapting your character.

Okay, let's get started! I'm going to use my main, MissMarie, as an example.

(That's her, in the middle.)

Now this is a good example, because she's my main. I've been playing her for a year, and I while I sometimes make alts, it isn't really fun playing them because I'm so used to my original character. What's a girl to do?

With this, I take a casual approach to roleplaying. It works well because it isn't too involving, and lets me joke around with other players who enjoy me providing a diversion. I tried this out today and it worked wonderfully. Here's an outline of how it works:
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  • No character history is needed.
  • For light roleplaying, keep it lighthearted. Pretend to throw popcorn at dragoturkeys if they're in a paddock, or walk around drinking beer and burping. If you happen to be sitting somewhere at a zaap and someone takes the spot you're in, remark how they're squishing you.
  • If someone offends you or you want to start a fight, make it silly. Challenges are silly anyway, and if it's PvP, just keep it honorable.
  • If you're just idling somewhere, beer is your best friend. The burping sound is always fun to hear. "Whoa! Excuse me. I've got a gas problem."

I did this for a couple of hours and people were very entertained, which encouraged some to talk to me for a while. Think of it as improv and just say whatever comes to mind.

Examples of how to display actions (I put them in quotations):
- " *drinks beer* Okay, whatever, I just wan' drink. *hic!* "
- " ::throws popcorn:: Booooo! This sucks!"

Try to keep descriptions short, as people type responses quickly.
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Okay, I've been doing this for a while and am used to the idea. What next?

Add a little character history. If you aren't sure how, check out the profiles in the Spitting Bwork Tavern section. Keep it short at first, though, because there are still players getting used to the idea of others putting themselves into character.

For example--my cra again. By now I've made her drink a lot in public, and she has a history of switching alignments a lot. "I'm a drunkard and in it for the money." Problem solved! If you're active in PvP and go back and forth between one city and the other, defect in style. Help your newfound friends out, just before going to their side again, by giving away future raid plans. If you're loyal to one side, try aiming for having the entire map belong to your alignment, or form a group dedicated to doing so. Keep in mind that you'll need lots of advertisement if you pursue recruiting people for your group, which can be done in character also. It's fun for the whole family!
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Where do I interact with others who want to roleplay also?

  • Events, events, events. Why not hold a roleplaying session in a tavern? The Amakna tavern is pretty large and can accomodate a lot of people.
  • Create a roleplaying guild. You'd be surprised how many others are looking for a guild aimed at getting into character.
  • If you run a guild and your 'mates agree to it, create a guild history. If your guild has strictly one alignment or the other, that can easily translate into your guild becoming a small army or militia of its own. Plan attacks or events together to be done in character--not only does this help secure your guild's morale, but improves your image as a solid establishment. People like strong guilds and tend to want to join them.

Just remember to keep everything light at first, and have fun! Dofus is a fun and humorous game to play--not just about leveling your head off, but making friends and enjoying yourself. And if you happen to see my Cra standing on a rooftop somewhere with a mug of beer in her hand, pay her no mind--she's just crazy. See you out there!
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One final note: there's an IRC roleplaying room for Dofus, too. Read on for instructions on how to join:
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If you'd like to get more tips and views on roleplay and how it relates to Dofus, go by your friendly library in-game and get the new bestseller, "How to Make Friends and Keep Them". Now on sale for 1 kama.
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