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Lost at Sea

By ObviousAgent - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - October 03, 2007, 23:41:55

(Okay, here's my first attempt at writing an RP...besides my open RP that prompty died after 2 or 3 pages. Yeah, it's got a smiliar name, but that's because I'm using the same character, who is a sailor. Hopefully this will be better though. Tell me what you guys think. If you like it, I'll write more. So here we go!)

Chapter 1:

Ickwok came up the stairs onto the deck. Ickwok was a Cra of about 20 with naturally gray hair and a love for the sea. He had once been a regular adventurer until he boarded a boat for the first time and fell in love with it. He looked at the many sailors on the deck casting nets and retrieving crab traps from over the railing.

The wind was blowing a cool breeze with the smell of salt heavy upon it. A bell rang signaling that it was time for the crews midday break. Ickwok walked over to a group of sailors.

No, Im telling you that this shark was 40 feet long at least! I saw it with me own eyes. It jumped out of the water and tried to take a bite out o me, but I wouldnt let it! I grabbed me a spear and threw it right at the beast. It clipped him all right, but the darn thing got away, one sailor was rambling.

No way thats true you old fool, replied another.

I swear on me life its a true story! cried the sailor.

Ickwok spied a Feca a couple of years younger than himself sitting by some boxes eating some bread.

Hey Dorlan, Ickwok said as he approached. The Feca wore the same garb as the rest of crew but wore a silver medallion around his neck. Dorlan had joined the crew about a month before when they had last ported. He had brown hair and had a look of disgust on his face every time he bit into his piece of bread.

Hey Ickwok, said Dorlan. You know, this bread tastes worse and worse every day out here.

Give it a year or two, you wont be able to taste it at all by then, Ickwok joked. He sat down and joined the Feca. Ickwok pulled a piece of dried meat out of his pocket and took a bite. How are you liking the life of a sailor, Dorlan?

The works alright, it keeps me occupied, said Dorlan. He paused for a second to take another bite of the stale bread he was eating. To tell you the truth though, I never wanted to be a sailor. Its just always been expected of me. My father was a sailor. His father was a sailor. Basically the whole line has been sailors ever since theres been ships to sail.

The bell rang again, cutting their conversation short. The group of sailors arguing about the validity of the old sailors story broke up and went back to casting nets. Dorlan got up and pocketed his remaining bread.

Ill see you later, said Dorlan, and walked away.

Ickwok took another bite of his dried meat, sat for a second more, then got up and started emptying crab traps.

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yeah, too bad the other story didn't go no where... I was curious to how it'd turn out.

as for your new thread, the begining is writtin good, so I'll check back to see what happens next.

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(Thanks Dylerin. Here's chapter 2.)

Chapter 2:

That night Ickwok sat out on the deck looking at the massive black sky above. He could see every star in the sky this particular night. Ickwok sat on the deck of the ship every night. He used this time to think. He thought about anything he wanted to. This night he thought about his childhood.

Ickwok was sitting at a table with his parents and two brothers. His brothers were both older than him and were both training as apprentices. His oldest brother was training as a lumberjack, while his other brother was training as a smith.

He and his family were eating a meal when a sudden crash was heard. Ickwoks father ran outside to see what had happened. A raiding party that had been attacking small towns in the area had now targeted Ickwoks small village. There was no protection from them, as King Allister had not yet deployed guards to their town. His mother was pale and was frantically gathering necessities they would need for their escape. Once they had gathered the supplies, they ran outside. The town was in flames and members of the raiding party were killing the innocent town folk.

Ickwok remembered the look on his fathers face as he told them to run as he stood his ground with a pitchfork as his only defense against the raiders. Ickwok didnt look back at his father and never saw him again. Shortly after, his mother died, and he was left in the care of his two brothers. Ickwok remembered hearing that his village was the last one to be claimed. Allister eliminated the problem after that, but it didnt matter to Ickwok. The damage was already done.

Ickwok sighed. He was only 11 at the time, but he still missed his parents. Just as he decided to call it a night, the air was filled with a loud scratching sound that set the whole crews ears on end, no matter where they were. A bell clanged repeatedly signaling that something was wrong.
The captain rushed out onto the deck and addressed the gathering crowd of sleepy sailors.

The bottom of the ship scraped a rock jutting out of the sea. Were taking on water. I need you all to go and bale water from the ship! demanded the captain.

With this, the crew rushed off to the bottom of the ship and attempted to save the sinking ship. Ickwok spotted Dorlan, who had a frightened look on his face. Dorlan was not an experienced sailor, and didnt know how to deal with a situation like this.

Dorlan, follow me! said Ickwok above all the noise.

Dorlan followed Ickwok down into the belly of the ship that was half flooded at this point. The crew was frantically trying to empty the ship of water, but the gash in ship wouldnt allow it. Dorlan started to panic.

What do we do Ickwok? Theres no way we can fix this.

The water was up to Ickwoks shoulders now, and some members of the crew were retreating. Ickwok grabbed the Feca and dragged him out onto the deck. The ship was beyond repair. It was a lost cause. Ickwok ran to his room and gathered his bag. Doraln did the same. They regrouped and headed back out onto the main deck.

The deck was chaos. The crew was running around while the captain finally came out of the belly of the ship.

Abandon ship! yelled the captain, and half the crew immediately jumped into the water.

Ickwok and Dorlan jumped overboard.

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Chapter 3:

The ship had completely sunk. They would never be found. Nobody would look for them. Dorlans face had gone from afraid to sadness as he realized there was no hope. There was nothing to hold onto in the open sea, as the ship had gone down in one piece.

Keep treading water men! said the captain.

Some of the crew had begun to swim away. Ickwok grabbed Dorlans arm and started swimming. Dorlan didnt ask questions. They swam until they couldnt any longer, then they would float. On the second day, Ickwok spotted land.

Look Dorlan, theres land on the horizon!

Dorlan looked at the land he clearly saw ahead of him with disbelief. Dorlan had barely spoken a word since the ship went under.

Land? he said.

Yes, lets go. said Ickwok.

The two swam for the remainder of the day and let the waves carry them onto the beach. It was night and they were both starving. When they got up, Dorlan spotted a fruit bearing tree and ran toward it. Ickwok followed and ravenously bit into the fruit. A wind blew which reminded them that they were completely soaked.

We need to get shelter or well die out here, said Ickwok.

We dont have any tools to build one with, and its too dark to see, replied Dorlan. I think we should go into the jungle for the night.

Ickwok agreed that the jungle would provide enough shelter for the night, so they made their way in. The two of them found a large tree that covered them from the wind.

This will do for now, said Ickwok.

The two of them took their soaked clothes out of their bags and set them out to dry. They fell asleep to the strange noises that filled the jungle.

Ickwok awoke the next morning and stretched. He swapped his wet sailors suit for his red and gray traveling clothes. Dorlan woke up and did the same. He donned a green shirt and blue pants. They went back to the fruit tree from last night and ate. When they had eaten their fill, they decided it would be best to find a decent spot for a shelter and fire.

We need to find a clearing, said Ickwok.

Dorlan agreed and the two of them trudged off into the jungle. They wandered for what seemed like days in the jungle until they found a small clearing. Dorlan was proud of himself for spotting it from a distance away. It was the happiest hed been in days.

As they walked into the clearing, Ickwok looked around. As he did so, a spear flew and stuck into the ground less than a foot away from where he was standing. Ickwok jumped back, but it was too late. From out of the trees jumped about a dozen savages. These creatures looked human, but stood at a alight hunch and wore big masks to hide their faces. Each one held a rough looking spear. The leader of the group yelled out a command, and the savages all hurled their spears at once. Dorlan jumped toward Ickwok and cast an Earth Armor spell. The earth heaved and a dome of rock and dirt surrounded them. The spears bounced off. The earth heaved again and their protection was gone. A glowing bow appeared in Ickwoks hands and he let a Magic Arrow fly. One of the savages fell. The rest of them all jumped at the two sailors they were trying to overcome. Dorlan waved his hands and the earth in front of him started on fire, killing two savages. Ickwok released another arrow and claimed another one of the attackers. One of the savages had reached his spear and threw it at Dorlan. Dorlan waved his hand and the spear rebounded off.

From out of the trees, another wave of savages dropped unseen behind Dorlan and Ickwok. Ickwok fell to the ground unconscious, followed by Dorlan.
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