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By DWKmaster#7340 December 31, 2009, 03:30:31
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I've got a proposition to make and a new subject to stir in this thread. First, the subject: What causes an RP to die? Seriously, I can't fathom how some of these RPs, actually most of them just stop. BANG! Just like that! People simply stop posting. My proposition? Help me solve it.

So, lets get to the underlying causes of a dead RP. All this, I speak from experience, and I'm even guilty of a few of them...

· Laziness-

o I'm guilty of this and no doubt is the entire human race. But you know what? If you decide to devote your time to an RP, it’s time to actually follow it up. If you don't post, then you waste everyone else's time who bothered posting in the RP and waited for you to post

· Stupid Expectations

o Something I've realized, at an RP community so... dying and tiny like this, GMs sometimes have ridiculous expectations of their posters. An RP, to appeal to the poster should be fun and, in our busy lives, shouldn't be too time consuming. The majority of Role Players won't be published authors so don't expect them to be! Honestly, unless you go to a thriving RP community with experienced and very good Role Players, you should lower your expectations. How low? Well, don’t expect amazing writing, perhaps even accept mediocre writing. If they don’t have a go, then they won’t improve will they? Of course, at the same time, they should have decent spelling and grammar so that their posts are easy to read.

o Btw, I believe that new RP “Adventures Guild” attempted to solve this… but even so those long posts could be intimidating to a lot of people. However, if you want long posts, go ahead.

· Time Consuming

o This tie in with Stupid Expectations.

To be honest, that’s all I can think of right now. I will add to this list momentarily, you could add to it yourself. In my RP I hope to address these issues… well laziness is one I can’t prevent. On other's behalf, not mine. tongue

Oamoka|2010-10-24 13:57:27
I still don't believe class changes are possible, which is why I tried to introduce certain limitations in Sitting by the Fire - visiting two class temples and a class statue. Effectively being reincarnated. People just don't take classes seriously enough *sigh*

But I'm ready to stop talking about religion here. I'm a fine one to talk, I'm not hugely religious. There are scientific reasons for some aspects of religion, but to be honest I mainly just enjoy the music. I'm not certain if I believe in anything.
Is this a computer I see before me, its keyboard towards my hands?

I see where you are coming from (even though LOL this was written 2010)

However, Dofus is far from realistic so why expect it to be? Itt should be up to the GM to define the rules of their RP. If they want them to be a religion, and allow hybrids then they can. If they want to ban them, they can,
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