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Dofus Stories: The Mine of Legend

By mariemonster#3108 January 20, 2010, 08:38:22

It was by accident a tofu came wandering into an Enutrof's workshop; it was even more of a strange thing when they found what it was carrying. A mysterious metal, shinier than gold and harder than a diamond, was found in its beak. It's possible the mine this metal came from could make its lucky owner very rich.

Rumor spreads through Astrub about the mineral quickly. No price has been set because specialists are still looking into it. However, the king of Astrub has put in an inquisition, and the tofu who carried it has been pardoned from being anyone's next dinner.

You are either an inhabitant of Astrub or a traveler. Whoever you are: When you hear about what's going on, it piques your interest.


Your goal is to find where the mine is and resolve this story. I'll be providing NPC's. I'm not going to tell you where the mine is unless you trigger a particular event. What's the trigger? Keep roleplaying, and I'll work to develop the story around you.

No godmodding, you cannot find the mine on your own. Anyone who violates these rules should be ignored. Interact with each other and have fun with this. I'll be around in the evenings (10pm-12am est) if anyone wants to catch me posting.


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(OOC: Ooo, like the original A Walk in the Dark! And by the same person! Do we just start posting, or do we wait for you to post something more? While I wait for a response, profile. )

Name: Autumn Aether Inquis
Class: Ecaflip
Age: late 20s
Bio: Autumn Aether Inquis (commonly called Autumn, or Ink to her friends) was found in Astrub at the age of a few weeks. She was brought up by Astrubian Ecaflips, but in her early teens she ran away. She hasn't shared most of her story with other people, but at some point she found a ginger Kitten, who now follows her everywhere, and she somehow acquired a Terrdala Set. She doesn't use the axe much, preferring to attack with sharpened metal cards. Never gamble against her: she's never been caught cheating, but she rarely loses.

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[Keep posting, and I'll work around you to develop a story. If other people join, rp with one another. That way a story develops between you while I do an overall storyarc.]

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Name: Tocko

Race: Sadida

Age: 17

Hair: forest green dreadlocks pulled back into a ponytail.

Skin: Milk chocolate brown

Weapon: An enchanted staff with a rare flower growing on that is said to cure any disease. The enchantment keeps the flower alive, allows Tocko to channel his powers into it and release it later, and can’t be burned by enchanted fire (ex. Cra’s burning arrow, a monster’s fire breath, and torches lit by magic). Tocko takes pride in his staff, and if lost he will do anything to get it back.

Outfit: Tocko still wears the normal Sadida outfit but wears a dark green vest with pockets that holds various herbs and powders.

History: Tocko was banished from his village because he sold them out to the Brakmarians for info on his parents. Before his banishment the village issued a punishment for his crime by shaving his face and canceling his powers, thus showing the world that he is no longer counted as a Sadida; the shaved face look gives Tocko the look of a green haired human. He now roams the land looking for a place to belong.

Description: Tocko also carries two uniquely designed dolls that were given to him by his parent nine years ago; one looks like a black demon named Jo-mah-ho, while the other is an angelic looking Sadida named So-mah-ha. Each one has its own special powers and they seem to have a life of their own. Tocko will also risk his life for them as well.

Personality: Tocko is the kind of guy that hates injustice but keeps to himself. Because of his past he tends to push people away, but if he’s around someone he can trust he’ll open-up to them. Since Tocko has been living alone for several months, he doesn’t like to be ordered around very much, and tends to ignore orders he doesn’t like. Tocko also likes a challenge and usually follows were ever his curiosity leads him.

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too confusing for me >.< i cant keep up "/

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Name: Kadın Anne Herif
Class: Pandawa
gender: Female
Age: 3 (36 in panda years)

Wepon: Her own claws

Backstory: Kadın (not Kadin) means Female in the lanauge of Pandawa. (Turkish in R/L) Kadın like most Pandawas, is highly misunderstood. Everywhere she goes, disaproving eyes follow her. She was once kiddnapped for an illgeal experiment on her, and only got out 3 days ago. Kadın does not know her real name, given to her by her mother. The name she currently bears, is what her Slavemaster called her, before she escaped, under a year ago.

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(OOC: Time to start, then!)

Autumn was watching a pair of Ecaflips playing Rummy in the Astrub Inn. She wanted to join in, but she had long since been banned from gambling in the inn. Or anywhere in Astrub, for that matter. Something to do being suspected of cheating and starting fights. At least she was still allowed to drink the beer, although for how much longer, she didn't know.

"...They say it's shinier than gold, but harder than a diamond!" said a possibly young Enutrof who was drinking behind her. "No-one knows where it came from, but it could be priceless!"

Autumn was interested. Wealth, hmm? More than that, a gamble with herself. This city was getting boring. She strode over to interrogate the Enutrof.

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Said Enutrof was sitting at a table with a gaggle of Astrubians who seemed to have had too much to drink. The inns were all crowded, filled with excited chatter. As the Enu noticed Autumn approaching, he raised a brow. "Oh, comin' to gamble, are ya? We've got no game over here, missy. But I might be interested if yer' lookin!"

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Name: Tueur Gage Même (3 peopel seem to have 3 names, may as well give my character a full name too.)

Class: Sram

Gender: Male

((Tueur has lost his memory))

Yuck, whats that smell? Garbage bags... Why am I sleeping in a bin? *pushes lid open, *gets out* What is this place? I don't think, I've ever seen, Iops and Srams coperate, nor so many people in one place. *Walks cautiously down the streets, finds a sign, reads it*
It says, "Welcome to Asturb, Capital of the world."
Asturb? I've heard of this place. I've always wanted to come here, to find the mines of Toujours Kama. How did I get here? The last thing I remember, is everyone celebrating my 12th B'day. And when did I get a beard?

OOC: This is a differernt type of RP we have now days, on the fourm. I'm gonna experiment, a new type of writing, that seems right for this type of RP.

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(OOC: I only gave my character three names because it seemed to fit her. She's only very vaguely based on my in game Ecaflip.
By the way... Killer? Same? Interesting names you've chosen, what's it meant to mean altogether? )

Autumn scowled. "Don't call me 'missy'," she warned. "And I'm not here to gamble. I heard you talking about something that may have some money in it, hmm?" She pulled out a razor-sharp metal card - the Ace of Diamonds. "Mind telling me a little more about it?"

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Name: Rika

Class: Cra

Gender: Male

Description: Wears a long hooded cloak to hide his appearance. Underneath he wears dark clothes, and only carries his daggers with him, using them as a reminder of who he was, and aims to be.

Appearance: Tanned skin, green eyes, dark brown hair.

Age: Mid 20's

Background: A long way from his former glory, Rika is a Cra who has recently taken a fall from grace. He has spent all his time since drinking his sorrows away at the Astrub Inn, and is a shadow of his former self. He is desperate for a way to become the man he once was, and anything he can find he will try.

Rika was enjoying the last few sips of his beer when he overheard trouble at the table behind him. "...talking about something that may have some money in it, hmm?" This got his attention. "Mind telling me a little more about it?" He leaned back on his chair and decided to listen.

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((profile update: Tocko's hair: forest green dreadlocks pulled back into a ponytail.))

It has been several months since Mr.Kromwell took in Tocko, and gave him a place to stay. Sadly, Kromwell wasn't the best person to live with. Kromwell was greedy and cold hearted, over weight Iop , who treated Tocko more like servant than a house guest. Tocko would like nothing more that to leave, but Mr.Kromwell had a magic collar placed on him that would violently shock Tocko if he did something out of line. Tocko now works for this crule man till the day he can break the spell on the collar and escape.

"TOCKO, Tocko get in here now!" yelled Kromwell from his parlor room. Tocko entered with his head held down, and responded, "Y-yes sir?" "Tocko, my friend here (gestures his hand toward an Enutrof sitting across from him) says there is a rumor going around about a rear and valuable metal. I would like you to go out and find that metal and bring it to me. If you do, I'll release you and let you leave, but if you fail, you can kiss you freedom goodbye." said Mr.Kromwell glaring at Tocko. At the mention of Being released, Tocko's heart almost skipped a beat, and for the first time since working for Kromwell; Tocko wore a smile and said, "I will not fail you sir. That metal is as good as yours." And with that, Tocko ran out the door to find any info he could on the unknown metal. After Tocko left Mr.Kromwell looked to his friend and laughed while saying, "Did you see the look on his face when I told him there would be a chance for him to be free? I can't wait to see his face when I activate the collar when he brings me the metal." "Are you sure he can find it, there will be others looking for the metal as well." asked the Enutrof. Kromwell considered the question and answered, "Well even if he doesn't bring back the metal, I can still make use of him for other things. Besides, even a bowmeow would fight like a Boowolf if it wanted freedom bad enough."

Tocko arrived at the Astrub pub, and noticed an Ecaflip and Enutrof talking. Thinking nothing of it, Tocko went about asking other bar patrons about to metal to get any clues on its whereabouts.

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The bar patrons know only as much as Tocko does, save for the 'tender who gives him a wary eye. Reluctantly, he points to a few groups around the bar--pick a table, any table--who have been asking about the same thing. He tells Tocko they've decided to pair up, and: "You're probably better off joining a group to find this stuff than to do it on your own. But I wouldn't put too much stock in strangers, either." Not in this world.

The ginger-haired Enutrof, soon finishing off his mug of acrid ale, smiles at all who give him attention. But he keeps his voice low, just enough for those interested to listen in. "Well, if must know, a group'a us are plannin' an expedition. We're looking for able-bodied men--or women," he quickly corrects himself, grinning a little uneasily at Autumn.

Next to him is a small eni, piping up to wave a hand. "Hello," he says rather shyly.


Rika's entered an Astrub that's as loud and dirty as any metro-Medieval city. This world, not as bright and colorful as any illustration depicting it, is as dangerous as it is expansive. Currently around the corner from him are two fellows speaking quietly about the rumored metal. When they hear the Sram, they turn around to stare. What was he doing in the garbage?

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OOC: Tueur Gage, comes from tueur à gage which means Hit Man. To tell you what his full name meant would give away to much of his memorys.

Asturb... Im in asturb. WOOOOHOOO! I can now finally begin my search for the Toujours Kama Mines. Where to start? Ah a map of Astrub, tis what I need. *Finds the nearest market*
Two Asturbian guards are standing by the doors. One seems to reconise me.
"There he is! Get him!" Woah I sprint of, the guards following me.

"There he is! Get him!" called a bunch of Srams. Woah I sprint off, the guards, and srams following me

"There he is! Get him!" says a group of Posh Fecas. Woah i sprint off, the guards, srams and Fecas following me.

"There he is! Get him!" Screamed an bank man. Woah I sprint off, the guards, srams, fecas, and a bank accountman, following me

"There he is! Get him!" Screamed a shop owner. Woah! I sprint off, the guards, srams, fecas, a bank accountman, and a shop owner, following me. I run down the alleys, dropping tricky traps as I ran. Behind me i hear the poping of them bombs. Those that weren't hit, skidded, tripping those behind him. This way, I escape

Now I know one thing about me... Everyone wants me dead.

*Invisiblity* *Enters a nearby pub, in search of a map* *overhears a conversation about treasures of a mystrous mine.* Could they be talking about the Toujours Kama mine? They seem to describe the treasures of it, exactly as I was brought up to know. *Makeself appear*
"Its called the Toujours Kama mine." I said.

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(OOC: Thanks for giving me something to go on Marie)

Rika was walking along the street, slightly drunk, when he overheard two people around the corner talking about the metal that he had heard about before in the pub. Just as he was about to approach, a sram burst out of a nearby bin, and walked off. "Weird" he said out loud to himself.

He approached the men and asked about the metal.
"I heard you talking about a certain rare metal. Care to enlighten me?"
"Okay stranger," said one of the men. "There's been rumours going around about a metal that has never been found before."
"Some say it's harder than diamond, and others reckon that it has mystical properties," Said the other.
"All we know is that it would sell for an absolute fortune to a collector."

Rika was now definitely interested. This could be the break he needed!
"So where could i find this metal?"
"If we knew that, we'd be there already, don't ya think," Laughed one.
"True, mate" said the other. "But apparently, a group of enutrof's at the Inn are planning on searching for it"
"You might wanna ask them if you're planning on finding it."

That was all Rika needed to hear. All he managed to say was "Thanks!" before running off in the direction of the Inn.

"Who was that guy?"
"Dunno, but he looked strangely familiar"

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Autumn thought quickly. "Able-bodied, eh? I'm certainly that. You look as though you could do with a body guard, if this metal is as precious as you say. And as it happens, I'm going in your direction."

(OOC: This means she's going to do it for no wages, whether they like it or not! Unless she joins another group. )

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(OOC: Come on, someone needs to post more)

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(OOC: I was waiting for missmarie's next NPC post... hope this thread doesn't die like the original Roleplay Event: A Walk in the Dark. )

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Tocko overheard the Ecaflipette talking with the Enutrof and decided this "team-up" with them. He approached with a smile and said, "Hey, I could not help overhearing your conversation. I would like to lend my assistants in finding this rear metal, for a cut of the profit of course."

((If Tocko said free, he might seem TOO suspicious.))

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"Oh? What assistance could you lend?" Autumn replied sardonically. She eyed the Sadida up and down. "Perhaps you could fill in holes. You're certainly large enough."

(OOC: Autumn is acting tough. Ignore the rudeness. If you challenge her on it, she'll get even nastier. )

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