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Bworker Inn

By formulamonster December 11, 2010, 21:53:36
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Score : 5193
*Orders a bworker*
Now let's all sit down and have a chat, while the sitting by the fire poeple think we're being mad. I'll post a letter saying that we're being sensible.
*takes a seat*
Score : 973
*Downs Bworker beer*
Ugh, still stale. Oh, well at least it's good for drowning down my sorrows, another!
*Hands over more kamas*
Score : 1705
*Beckons the waiter to give Formula his drink*

Woah there Jon, you better slow down otherwise you might go beserk!

*Pain, however, still hands over another drink*
Score : 973
Hey! *hic* Urgh, I don't tell you how to do your job *hic* you don't, uhhhh... oh, you don't tell me how much of this stuff I *hic* drink! Keep serv*hic*ing them until I say stop!
*Throws more kamas at short*
Urgh, I don't feel so good...
Score : 1705
*Hands over a slightly weaker beverage and also a bucket*

I don't think the boss will want your lunch all over the floor, so, er, use this bucket...

OOC: Refer to me as Pain, I hate my nickname.
Score : 3816
*Slips in a note*
To you folks,
That's just Susen, the rest of us are trying to fix crap over here. We're trying to enjoy ourselves with you folks finally gone and have your own inn to wreck.
You know who
P.S. You want Susan? You can have her!
Score : 4073
*Walks out of the restroom*
"Where the hell is the toilet paper?"
Score : 973
*Sips beer*
Ewww...this tastes weaker than the last ones
*Throws glass towards Pain*
Make me the stron*hic*gest drink you got, don't *hic* hold back...
*Starts singing nonsense*
Tofu *hic* oh Tofu I need you so *hic* much!
Whe *hic* n you signal a cute girl enters~ *hic*
You're my best friends since...ever *hic*
*Pukes in the bucket*
Pain! Where's that drink?
Score : 1705
*Wrinkles his nose at the smell of puke after ducking from the thrown glass, looks longingly at Formula for help*

Here you go, I call this 'The Colossal'.

Score : 5193
*slips sleeping pills into Jon's drink*
This should calm him down a bit.
Score : 1705
Thanks mate,

*relishes in the momentary quiet*
Score : 196
OOC: Can I be the chef?
Walks in the Inn and reads the poster on the wall asking for a chef and applys for the job.
Score : 1705
Everyone, we now have a Menu, there isn't much on it, but still! Our new Chef is sure to whip up something fantastic!

Also, Bworkers are now back to full price.
Score : 5193
I think the new menu will be explosive
Score : 1705
*Reads the first item off of the menu, Beserker Burger*

O.O Sounds....feisty.

Score : 5193
Sacriers will love that
Score : 973
Woah... that drink sure was strong... I forgot what I... ummm... where in.... hey guys who am I?
*Looks at menu*
Oh, Berseker Burgers! Sounds...feisty? I'll take one! I'll worry about my memory loss later!
Score : 1705
*Looks worryingly at Formula*

What pills did you give him?!

Score : 4073
"Give me one of those pills, I might need it later."
Score : 196
It would be better if no one had the pills.
*looks at label*
There's written: "warning, these sleeping pills are very poor quality, will cause amnsesia and will eventually kill you. So they do put you to sleep, but you'll never wake up"
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