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Bworker Inn

By formulamonster December 11, 2010, 21:53:36
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Score : 5193
Does it?
*looks at label*
You missed one part: "If the person is a sram he will have amnesia and eternal pain. Forever."
Score : 973
Hm? Pain? Memory loss? What are you guys talikng about? I just want a burger and-
*massive pain in my stomach*
Aaarrrghhhh!!! By the gods, my stomach's on fire! Somebody do something now!
Score : 1705
*Snatches the pot and incinerates them in the Kitchen oven.*

No-one has those pills!

*Glares at Formula*
Score : 5193
Don't blame me, I hadn't read the label
*glares at Jon*
Score : 1705
Hmm, there's only one treatment I can think of...

Medicine juice!

*Prepares Medicine juice and hands to Jon*

That'll stop the pain right away biggrin
Score : 5193
Medecine juice? I prefer medecine potion
*doesn't read the label and gives some to Jon*
Score : 973
*Drinks both medicine juice and medicine potion*
Ah...ah...ahhhhh....... Mama?
Score : 1705
Gaah! Medicine Juice and Medicine Potion should not be taken together!!

It makes them act like a baby for, er, a couple of hours....

Score : 6604
Dear Bworkers,

Kwismas is in the air. Presents lie under the kwismas tree, ready to be opened on Kwismas day. Tis the season to worship the holy Jebus. Which is why I expect you to be under my kwismas tree at Kwismas Island.

Kwismas cheers to you,

Santa Jaws
Score : 3855
*Summons a Crackler*

Please start smashing that neighboring inn.

*Crackler smashes a wall of the Bworker Inn while I summon a boar to ride to SBtF Inn*
Score : 973
Well that wasn't very nice!
*Turns on respawn machine and fixes Bworker's wall*
Good as new! Time for a drink.
Score : 3855
*Kicks open the door*

Since when the hell did you guys get a respawn machine?

*Crackler accidentally stomps on the respawn machine*

*Facepalms before using Whip onto it*

Well, hope the respawn machine can respawn itself.

*Slams the door so hard that it falls off it's hinges*
Score : 852
*cuts off Night before he leaves and starts dragging him back to SbtF*

Sorry 'bout that!
Score : 973
*Looks at destroyed respawn machine and broken door*
Anybody here knows how to fix this mess?
*sniff* *sniff* We haven't even done anything to them and they destroy the thing that fixes the stuff that we destroy! How cruel is the world?
Score : 3816
Who's this we? Night's the only one that was destroying the inn god damnit <.
Score : 973
No...I guess I can't blame you ankion but damnit, we really need a new respawn machine or for just one quiet evening where we just drown our sorrows in beer, is that so bad?
Score : 4073
*Respawn machine respawns itself*
"Think we might wanna hide that, only respawns itself 3 times."
Score : 973
We should also lock it up, put a couple of codes on it and throw in a sealing spell if they exist...
*Thinks about something really important that I had to remember, I think...*
Oh well, time for a drink! What do you want Giga?
Score : 4073
"Just water will do."
Score : 1705
*Hands a glass of water to Giga*

Jon, what do you fancy?
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