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Happy (late) Birthday Zato!

By - VOLUNTEER EVENT MASTER - February 10, 2011, 18:03:19
Jello First, Age Rink, Lag Blob?

What does it all mean?  Join me for a very late but well deserved birthday party to find out!

Fabulous followers and festive throwers could be yours... if you have any clue what I'm talking about!

Watch for some Cookies and Milk on Monday, February 14 @ 14:30 DUT (a birthday celebration on Valentine's Day!) to find out what all this tongue twisting nonsense is all about.
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Is it a code by any chance? I'm good with those

edit: I've tried every code I know and it doesn't work...
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I had a great time on Zato today! Happy birthday everyone.

We had an awesome game of anagrams, I had to duct tape Hobbes's hands though.

My winners:

Hobbes, Mangina, Tyrannical-Jester, Night-Light, Vera,
Sleeping-Whip, Adi-Smash, Khand, Murgatroyd, Jirkman-enu, evil-bone, Derahoma,
Dark-Lable, Teeka, Serkjeh, Demotywator, Sum-moner, Bhric, Black-Maw, and

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I had a tennis match and had to miss it
*is sad*
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We had some fun challenges! My first group of warriors went up against some tough competition but we held our own and won.

My second effort agains Team Mag did not fair so well though. His team was fierce competition!

My valiant warriors deserved something anyway!

Happy Birthday once again Zato! I look forward to next year.
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it's great to see zatoishwan so lively and full of fun. Really makes me want to level faster so I can be between those mighty crusaders next time!
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