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Egg, no egg!! Help me get some eggs!

By April 21, 2011, 18:13:59
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It was nice to see all the pics of the servers.

Fangmore, you tried, I think, to the best of your ability, to pull of this event, however, it resulted in being unfair and not thought out properly.

People play this game from all over the world. There are many different time zones. Some were in bed, some in school, some working and some just unable to stay on the computer all that time waiting for an unknown time to exchange.

I really feel sorry for those who missed out at the end.

I got prizes for myself and my alt. When I am on the game, the first two people who did not get a prize, message me and I will exchange what I got for their soul stones.

Aprilwine Rosal

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That was worst event ever (I think). Those who says "That was fun" i totally disagree. I spent about 6 hours for souls and 10 hours of waiting Fangmore... And for what? For a few candys, fireworks and transformation that gone after relogangry?! Would be better prize a title "Tofu killer", "Easter master" or something like that. I disappointed sad.

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fang but 1 question event is for all people. Why only subscribers can get all the fun whats for other people who got no p2p? They wanna get somthing to you just do it to get more subscribers gj rly gj nice eventwink 

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Why are so many people sucking up to Fangmore? This event was crap and everyone knows it.

Ok, so he spent like 6 hours of his time trading us all, so what? It wasn't worth it, hell, half my friends who had actually completed the task didn't even bother getting their prize cos it wasn't worth waiting 30 mins to get traded to get crappy fireworks and a candy which I can get for subscribing for a week.

Everyone can lie and say "Oh yeah, great event Fangmore! I had so much fun." But they know they are lying to themselves. This was nothing but a huge dissapointment, and Fangmore, I hope you realise how many hundreds of people you annoyed with your horrendous prizes.

There was SO MUCH you could have done to improve this. If you were stuck/limited to giving us fireworks and candy, you could made them good ones, like the +100 wis for 30 fights candy, or the awesome fireworks which throw pandas - which need I remind you were given to us Shikan's FOR FREE on our server's birthday - we didn't have to spend hours of our time finding Tofu mobs and then wasting hours of sitting around waiting to get rewarded.

I expected an awesome title or at least something we could show off to comemorate our completion of such a hard task.

Please, next time, do it better.

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i bought the final soul i was missing but i guess it was a waste of money since he was only available for that day....but even now knowing the prize i feel it was a let down. i guess i won't bother participating in anymore GM related events if the prize is going to be a transformation that disappears after getting d/c'd or logging.

really disappointed that not even everybody who got all 5 souls could even be available because he was only on each server for about an hour or so and then thats it.

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I has late with souls sad i have 5souls but monday i was cant be onlien on pc sad i was waste my time sad 

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GMFangmore|2011-04-26 12:48:22

I can see myself on rosal pic =) I'm the sram with the solomonk (bottom right)
thx again for the event, fangmore, It was great.

And to all of you who complain about the prizes and stuff... well it's better than no event at all. You should be happy gm's take initiatives like this.
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Are you just doing events for the prize? I did the event for the fun of it. I guessed where it was (was fun) and I found the souls. Just like an easter egg hunt. I didn't collect the prize, because managing the event is good enough a reward.

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