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Events and Eventmasters FAQ/How To Apply as a Mod or GM

By mariemonster#3108 June 19, 2006, 14:31:33

Hello! In order to avoid posting the same threads over and over again in this forum, here is a list of common questions and their answers:

How do I become GM/Moderator?

It's easy to apply for a position as moderator. If you have the following requirements, just send a letter of application to GM applications. You should take the following points on board:

  • your level of written English must be of a high standard

  • you must have a good knowledge of the rules

  • you need to know the game very well

  • you must be patient, willing to teach, respectful and impartial.

Please note also that you have to be over 18 to become a moderator and that the job is done on an entirely voluntary basis.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please send in a ticket to support, listing the reasons why you should become a moderator. If the ticket link is not available, then moderator applications are not open, please wait to send in your application. If you wish to improve your chances, you should be helpful and kind to your fellow players here on the forums. We need people who can solve their own problems and figure things out on their own, because a lot of people will be asking you to figure things out for them! A mastery of the English language is also required.

Your behavior here on the forums and, to some extent, in game, will be taken into consideration. People who cause trouble on the forums, or who are harassing, scamming, cheating, or foul-mouthed players in game will probably not do well.

This is not a short process.
It can take many months just to be nominated to forum moderator. No one becomes a moderator overnight.

Eoghammer says: "the only way is to post on the support... a candidature ...

in order to improve your chance to be chosen, try to help the moderation team by answering some frequently asked question ... (the moderation team has the power to nominate some people who help on the forum or in game in order to push their candidature if they post a candidature on the support)

after some time you will gain some powers in game that will allow you to run some events... "

Wishdragon says: "Moderators are volunteers chosen from the community. Usually, they have a long record of helpful and coherent posts. Also, all moderators need to have a lot of patience, because it can take months and months of waiting before they are approved to moderate."

I've been hacked/scammed!

Wrong place to report this! Click on the Dofus Technical Support link at the top of this page, and report the incident there.

How do I (insert action here) in Dofus?

Depending on the question, this will either go to technical support or general discussion. Do not make a thread in this forum asking "How do I move around?" when that thread belongs in the technical section. You can also ask for help from experienced players in our Welcome to the Incarnam Inn forum.

So what exactly is this forum for, anyway?

This forum is for promoting and discussing Eventmaster events. You can see reports of the most recent events and maybe even make suggestions for events you'd like to see.

If you'd like to create an event on your own server, you can post a thread on your server's forum.

I hope this was helpful! Thanks for reading.

[size=4]The Difference Between a Modo and a GM [/size]
by Sirchar

Mod-Forum: Edit/Remove spam - Reply to questions - Stimulate/Organise conversations/threads
Mod-InGame: Mute Channels/Players - Monitor abusive behavior
GameMaster: Develop and Orchestrate events
Admin: Organise and maintain all data.
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When you see a moderator In Game:

[size=4]1. Sorry, no, we can't fight you.[/size]
We just don't want to! Well, actually, moderator sprites don't have attack animations, so fighting with a mod is very very laggy. It's really not any fun, and we don't have any special spells. We also won't be able to level you or help you fight any kind of monster. We're content to beat down those who break the rules with things that are better than spells: mutings, jail time, and bannings! smile

[size=4]2. We can't change the game:[/size]
So you have an idea for a new spell, a new class, a new pet... Great! But we can't really do anything about it. We're all simply players who want to help out. Post all of your game suggestions on the Game Development forum. Who knows? Maybe someday Ankama will use your idea.
The same things goes for bug reports. We can't fix coding bugs, or bring about updates. If you have a coded bug problem, please send a ticket to

[size=4]3. We are not a taxi service:[/size]
No, we won't teleport you to Brakmar or send you to Wabbit Island. If you're stuck somewhere, we might be able to help you out, but it's not our job to send you all over the world. Use the zaaps or use your feet!

[size=4]4. The bank is at 2,-2[/size]
We don't have any money. We won't give you money. We won't give you items either. Or levels, or help you level, or give you honor points or energy, or life, or just about anything else. We are not a bank.

[size=4]5. Yes, we play the game[/size]
All of the moderators are players as well. They have brought up their characters with hard work and dedication as well as donating part of their playing time to help their fellow players. Please don't bother any moderator's player alts if you know them. They pay for their subscriptions like everyone else, and when they are connected to their playing characters, they like to play. (No, they will not level you with their main characters.)

[size=4]6. Friends are for chatting, mods are for emergencies[/size]
Do you love Dofus? Do you like to talk about every part of the game all day long? That's great, but please, don't tie up the moderators with chatting. Usually, when the moderators are online, they are busy working and don't have time to idly chat. Sometimes they might appear in the game and answer questions or talk to the players, but don't presume that they will have the time to discuss your views on your new Xelor STR build or talk about strategy for your next dungeon run. Usually, the mods have their hands full with people who are scamming, spamming, botting, and griefing. Please let them do their job and don't pester them about their favorite class if they are busy.

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