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By DreMartins#8666 - SUBSCRIBER - November 10, 2021, 16:31:45
Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the First Winter Time Event on Echo!

What is this Event About?

This Event has the goal to bring some hapiness and rewards this Winter Holidays to the Echo Server.
The main goal is to try to make the most people participate and interact with eachother, by Hide and Seek, Quizzes... and much more!

What are the games that the Event will have?

The Event will have a lot of games with Rewards which will be hosted by different Guilds and Alliances.


Hide and Seek: Valhall will be the Alliance Hosting this Event, they will take care of the Dates.

PvM Event: Sergio represting [Nihil] Guild and Pingi will take care of the PvM Event, by making you face Dungeons/Mobs with certains conditions or as fast as possible (Speedrun).

PvP: The PvP is going to be Hosted by the Rest Alliance, it will be a 4v4 Tournament with a lot of new things.

Quizz: After a Long Break, Defy is back to host his Dofus Quizzes where he gave away the Youtube Capes and Kamas for his viewers with the most knowledge of the game. He will be also taking care of that and interacting with the community since of his reach towards it.

His YT: 
Defy - YouTube 

What is the Schedule and How can I Register?

The Schedule is not out yet, but the Event will occur during the Month of December, we are currently looking for more Guild/Alliance interaction and participation.

You will be able to Register and Ask any of the question you have on our Discord where we host all Echo Related Events:


If anyone from the GM/CM's wants to participate by Organizing a Minigame of their own just let me know, it would be awesome. Viper#6346


The Event will be Obviously Streamed:

Viper_Dofus - Twitch

TimeWellSpent_T - Twitch

astrognome1 - Twitch

Ladymisai - Twitch

DefyXDofus - Twitch

If you which to stream any of the Events don't hesitate to Contact me: Viper#6346


Hello Echo!!!
As some of you may have heard, VALHA is going to host the Hide & Seek for you all during this event!
The Hide & Seek will be on Saturday 04.12.2021. at 20:00 DT (Dofus time :3) we will gather at Amakna Village Zaap so we can all see your beautiful faces before our hiders go run to Narnia and you will have a chance to find them for a special reward.
I (Premix) will be organizing it to make sure everything goes smoothly, but our designated Hiders will be: Summonking, Crypsiss & Chan-krux.
The whole dofus map is free game, except for dimensions, dungeon maps and quest maps. Hints will be given out in /c - /r & /b every 5 mins or so, so finding us wont be impossible :3.
The official Start of the hide and seek will hopefully be around 20:15/20:30,
We will let you know once our hiders are ready and in position.

Mark your calendars! It should be a fun time :3 hope you all have a lovely day & we will see you guys there! Best of luck to each and every one of you. -VALHA

Winter PVMinator Before Jiva knocks on the door kicking Djaul’s month in the back entrance and covering the whole World of Twelve in a snow-white coat, you will get to kick something yourself. As a part of Echo’s Winter Time you will be presented with a challenge that won’t oppose you to other players (at least directly) but will instead have you facing several monsters to prove your worth as a potential Winter PVM Champion. Winter PVMinator won’t keep you waiting, despite of being cold outside we want you to roll up your sleeves and face the three challenges we have for you.

The first two challenges will take place in City’s Arenas and the last one somewhere else picked by the team as described below. The teams will be formed of 4 characters, all of them under a different God (no double classes on the same team! Aha, Cra’s!). The team’s name must be submitted until 4/12 along with each character name (do a /whoami) and an appointed Captain. All teams must be ready to start the challenge on the appointed date at 5 PM DUT. A delay longer than 30 minutes will imply a disqualification.

Challenge 1 (DAY) – One soul in the hand is worth eight in the bush! As a Winter PVM Champion you will need to prove your worth by fighting several group of different monsters while being highly in disadvantage. With Otomai’s aid (not really, his only aid was the knowledge, he made us pay for the soul stones ourselves!) each team will be provided with 6 different soul stones, each containing eight monsters from a certain area which you will need to beat to be proven worthy of the next challenge. All the monsters will be from level 200 areas and all the teams will be facing the exact same group of monsters. Each successful fight will earn you 10 points, up to a maximum of 40 points.

Challenge 2 (DAY) – Did anyone call for help? As we captured the monsters to provide you with the soul stones for Challenge 1, we realized that some of the owners of the areas suspected that something wasn’t right. However we didn’t get caught doing it as we were using the Invisibility Cloak, that we borrowed from Misk’arry Rotter himself, as you start to release the imprisoned souls of the monsters we caught we are afraid that some bosses will appear and attempt to fight the ones mistreating their creations and might no come alone (at least 5 other monsters will accompany the boss). Lucky you! Each boss you take down will earn you 15 points, considering we expect a total of 5 bosses to show up, you can earn up to 75 points in total!

Challenge 3 (DAY) – Is it the final countdown already? As a final challenge you will need to show your power under the magic influence of Idols these preciousness will be your best friends for this last challenge! The quest is simple, run one of the following dungeons beating its boss with the highest score idol composition that you manage to come up with. (DUNGEONS) (in case of a tie after the last challenge, several aspects will be taken in account to decide the winner according to the following order: number of players alive after each fight; fastest team to beat a given group of monsters).

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: All points will be counted on Echo’s Tournament Discord Server (?). Each team will have their own channel where they must upload the screenshots for the points to be counted. Please use the Dofus built-in screenshot function (press f2).

Register here: 
How does it Work?

The Quizz will be hosted in Defy's Haven Bag

For each Question you answer correctly you get a point and advance a line.

There are 4 Lines,when you get to the 4th line you will be matches with other Finalists in a SpeedRun Quizz Contents in which the ones who gets more answer right will be the Winner!

The Event will be  9/12 | 17:00 Dofus Time

4v4 Tourmament
First of all thank you for all of your feedback and helping us come up with this event, this truly is an Echo community PvP event. We would like to present to you Echo Winter Time x EWS 4v4 Tournament.

The tournament will be double elimination and will be played on Friday 17/12 and on Saturday 18/12. We will start on Friday at 19:00 and play until one team has reached the finals. By then there will be some teams left in the 'losing bracket' who haven't played all their fights yet. That is okay, we will continue again on Saturday at 16:00-16:30 with the losing bracket until both teams reach the finals which is then played.

Our tier list will be shown below, it will have some restrictions. You can pick Eni but you will have to forfeit your 2. tier pick if you do so and pick another 4. tier pick in its place. Also if you voluntarily forfeit a higher tier pick u may choose 2 picks from the tier below. For example, I do not want a 2. tier pick like eca or ougi but I want 2 3. tier picks instead like masq and elio, then this is allowed. We also decided to ban the combination of sadida/feca.
9 -2
First Ankama intervention
Hide and Seek - I can give Sheratokens for players to spend in the GM house outside of Astrub. 
PvM - Gerbean for each winner + Sheratokens
Quiz - Depends on the structure but yes, definitely some prizes too. biggrin

Plus, I will also give the streamers some codes. 
See message in context
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Score : 729
I can ask around if New Leaf or Revenant could do smth with the pvp events, 3 of our members (me included) are already hosting other small tournaments so we have some experience.
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Score : 1324
Would be great!
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Hide and Seek - I can give Sheratokens for players to spend in the GM house outside of Astrub. 
PvM - Gerbean for each winner + Sheratokens
Quiz - Depends on the structure but yes, definitely some prizes too. biggrin

Plus, I will also give the streamers some codes. 
Score : 1324
Claudia on Twitter: "I'll be streaming the Hide & Seek event and doing a giveaway at the end " / Twitter

PvMinator Participants:

Ougi Panda Masq Feca | MakeNasusGreatAgain#5236 (Woof-Zwei) | Woof-Sieben#3700 (Woof-Sieben) Woof-Drei#3133 (Woof-Drei) | WoofDunnoWhatNumber#2636 (Woof-Zweiundzwanzig)

Sacrier, Pandawa, Feca & Cra | Alimoxium#3818 (Alimoxium)], [Pa-Kwita#4093 (Pa-kwita)], [Lnewgamer#1160 (Mat-newgamer)] & [KaidoTB#9300 (Shogune)]

Panda feca elio iop | [black-dx#3307 (Vaffanpingi)] [blackliquide3#7789(Portacco)] [BL4cK1ll3r#5424(Pingicottero)] [Etacirus#9947(Rampart-ready)]

Eni, Panda, Cra, Feca | bliksemstraaltje#5593 (Jowiee), Ikownjouookwelhoor#9193 (Ethanolic), Epic-Gsv#6563 (Mythical), lolman1209#9727 (Fralyso)

Panda Feca Enu Cra | Jonttuboy#5804 (Jonttuboy), llalalalalala#5232 (Staribiss), kalski#9646 (Sossu-Tuki), maailmanhou#4039 (Joonboy)

Masqueraider, feca, eliotrop, pandawa | [totaleclips#5259 (Ma-totaleclips), KWITAS#5635 (Fe-kwita), KingsOfPortail#4738 (Marshal-D-Teach), the-one001#9587 (Estrath-ng)]

Panda feca mask ougi | bloodbath1#9008 (Pandawas) oryan1#5478 (Bloodyfusion) bloodfordays#9685 (Bloodygrimace) bloodandtearsofmyenemies#5980 (Eliotroper)

Iop, Eni, Panda, Elio | 
Shingekii-No-Kyojin Pushing-Daisies Teleports-Behind-You Power-Clean-Record (Don't know my Ankama names, I'm at work sad It's Defy, they would all be RushBillionsomething)

PvMinator Day 1:

Woof :
Nileza Mobs
Shadow Mobs
Merkator Mobs

Ily Mobs

Shadow Mobs 

Ily Mobs 

Merkator Mobs

Nileza Mobs

Shadow Mobs

Nileza Mobs

Merkator Mobs

Ily Mobs
Ily Mobs

Merkator Mobs

Nileza Mobs

Shadow Mobs

Pingi & Sergio:
Shadow Mobs

Merkator Mobs

Ily Mobs

Nileza Mobs
Hide & Seek Winners:

El-Pingusso#9182 (Caxias) 
HiorueII#7716 (Old-Hippie) 
Dahos#1591 (Dixienormous)

Proof of the winners getting their prizes:

Defy Quizz:

Thanks for showing up Manaia and thank you all for participating!

1. Mahon 
2. Janniek
3. Chems


Panda feca mask ougi | 
bloodbath1#9008 (Pandawas) oryan1#5478 (Bloodyfusion) bloodfordays#9685 (Bloodygrimace) bloodandtearsofmyenemies#5980 (Eliotroper)

Small Request:
Since it was a tie for first place, we decided to add some rules to untie. Unfortunatly Woof did a bit poorly in the Idol department and we decided to use that as tiebreaker and with that Ryan was the winner.
Hopefully next time we won't make the same mistake, thank you for everything. 

Happy Holidays

MakeNasusGreatAgain#5236|2021-12-20 22:57:17
very quality event, rules added after event, 7 score difference vs 160 seconds difference

It was a mistake and you know it Woof, I am sorry but it's what the organizers decided.

Anyways, in the rules there is nothing related to time. You will still get rewarded.

Congrats again you peanut!
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Score : 259
very quality event, rules added after event, 7 score difference vs 160 seconds difference (which is more than twice as fast)
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Score : 259

It was a mistake and you know it Woof, I am sorry but it's what the organizers decided.

Anyways, in the rules there is nothing related to time. You will still get rewarded.

Congrats again you peanut!

There is nothing about doing more than 450 score as well
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Score : 1324
The Event is OVER!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

See you all in 2022! Happy Holidays!

Once again a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Thanks to all the Organizers!


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