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[GM][EVENT][TAL KASHA] Aperirel Fool's Day

By [EM-Balthazar]#9487 April 01, 2023, 00:15:00
To celebrate Aperirel Fool's Day, the Secretary to the King of Amakna has decided to prank his sovereign, as he does every year. He intends to gift the King a Kloon Snapper with an Enriched Croquette.
What cod possibly go wrong..?
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Finally an event that includes the international community as well. I imagine that this will be linked to the Shariva Goddess somehow. Even if I already have the cosmetics, I'll be around to check how it goes. 

PS: The cod pun was clever. wink
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(I hope it's a real Event for the English Community and not a April Fools Joke) laugh
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fear fear fear fear fear asdfglkjhg An event for us too!!!???

Wait just a minute! This is an actual event for the International community as well right!? It's not an April fools' day joke, right!? As a Sacrier, I don't mind losing half my blood in a fight, but I don't think my heart could handle such a betrayal.
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