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[FYI] Moderator Help for Player-Run Events

By October 20, 2008, 18:59:13
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I'm organizing an event on the Rushu server, this saturday evening: Click here
I'm looking for assistnce with keeping very rude people at bay, and just generate a good atmosphere!
Any assistance of a GM would be much appreciated smile 
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Just some fun! Our guild is holding an event similar to Ms & Ms Amakna but in pageant form on the 27th of April. Looking for gm presence to judge and create some buzz. Have not worked out times yet so would be happy to accommodate times a GM is available provided I am awake for it. smile If someone could please contact me via ankabox in this regard, I would much appreciate it. Thanks
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vVv on Zato is planning a server-wide Karaoke event to encourage some community fun! I have not been able to send an ankabox to Izmar or Fangmore unfortunately as it doesn't seem to want to work for me today.

Basically, player run event open to entire server. We would love to have Izmar, Moderator or GM presence to come join in on the fun and to possibly create some hype in-game to get people onto the Team Speak server in advance and to keep things civil in the voice chat. Would need to know an appropriate date and time (preferably something in the early evening DUT) as this is Zato's most active time.

We will handle the marketing of the event on the Official Forum and Imps Village as well as word of mouth. Players to meet on the Team Speak server and register with Nixie prior to the event commencement, and will be given 1 minute each to sing anything they like smile. All those participating in the event will be put into a lucky draw for some fun items as prizes and perhaps we could get some fairy works or something for them as well?

Please kindly contact me ingame on Nixie to discuss or on Whadda's TS. I am usually around between 6 and 9pm DUT.
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I would like a GM to be present for one of my Zatoishwan Croc Steak Giveaways. I ask that the GM be able to spawn crocodyles at our meeting location(s) and transform participants into various swamp-related monsters, such as mushd's, crocodyles and crocodyle chiefs. It would also be nice for them to supplement the croc steaks I've crafted with additional croc steaks, if that is appropriate. I spend many hours each week working on this event, and I appreciate help.
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Dear GMs,

Noblesse Oblige on Zatoishwan (the most glorious of servers by the way) will celebrate its 4th Year Anniversary on Sunday 09 March 2014. Our Guild currently comprises over 220 characters, residing in a large Alliance that contains over 1000 members. We would like to host a grand party full of surprises!

We should be grateful if you would send a GM to assist us on the big day. We would like to make sure that the party runs smoothly, and we also wish to discuss with you some transformation requests!

Please be in touch via Ankabox. I look forward to hearing from you!

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I would like to organize an event how do I advertise it?

here is the link: Click here
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Dear GMs and Moderators,

I am planning an Alliance event for the last week of June, to commemorate our first anniversary (and Alpha Centauri - my guild - reaching lvl 100 too, but that remains to be seen tongue ).
I would be ever so grateful if I could get some GM and perhaps Mod support for this event. Although a huge portion of our players are based in Europe, I would like to find a suitable time that would accommodate as many people as possible, from both sides of the pond.

I have planned a "quest" like scenario, divided into 3 steps, and it would be pretty awesome if they could include (keeping it generic as I don't want to give too much away publicly):
  • Transformations
  • Combat
  • Followers
If, for whatever reason, you cannot assist with this event, please let me know, and I will just have to make up for it by drowning the players in fireworks and Emporium goodies! However, if help is possible from a GM front, please let me know who I should send my complete plan to.

Thank you all in advance and I look forward to hearing from you!

Mama Chay

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    Hello Chay,

    If you can pinpoint some dates for me, I will try my very best to work my schedule out. I would love to help out if I can. I'm sure I can tie down a mod or two to give some assistance as well.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
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    Hello my fellow lovely people that guide us from above the dofus clouds.

    Our guild on Solar Team America, has achieved the level 200 mark. Which is amazing.

    We would like to hold some sort of event, for all of us to enjoy this goal. And it would really be amazing if there was a GM present since that seems to excite all of us, with all their magical fairyworks.

    We would all be extremely grateful if you would join us with your presence!

    Sincerely Mewtwo.
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    What actually qualifies as an Event?

    Hitting Level 200 does not seem important anymore an no event happens.
    Anyone can make a guild an raise it, there so many Level 200 Guilds now; that is no longer important.
    Doing duo on the dungeons? Not a chance...

    What if I gave you a 2nd chance to Defeat N.A.N.O.S.A.U.R.? As those who entered all got their butts kicked hard.

    5 years later, will someone win this time? or will history repeat itself...
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    Are there any GM's still doing this? Please get in touch with me regarding an in-game role playing event?!

    [Fiora]|2021-11-11 16:27:06
    What is it that you're looking for? This thread is about moderator assistance for event security, not for getting GM involvement.

    If you're looking for assistance with narrative, I'm afraid that's not something we can provide.

    What a pity. sad Thanks for responding Fi. We used to work with the previous GM team a lot with regards to player-run events back in the day (Karaoke 2013 etc) but it seems that isn't a thing anymore sadly. We regularly run events for our alliance and have our guild's 2nd birthday coming up and want to celebrate reaching 200 with our community. 
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    What is it that you're looking for? This thread is about moderator assistance for event security, not for getting GM involvement.

    If you're looking for assistance with narrative, I'm afraid that's not something we can provide.
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